Scene: The school gym during morning bus duty

A fourth grader rushes up to me. His face is red and there is sweat on his brow. He looks anxious and upset. I immediately ask, “Carlton, what’s wrong?”

Then the words that strike fear in any teacher’s heart: “I just threw up in the bathroom!” (Which I admit is better than throwing up at my feet which has happened on more than one occasion over the years.)

I can feel his hot breath on my face as he spits out the words. I utter the appropriate words of sympathy (and I truly feel sympathetic – he’s obviously sick), and I send him to the clinic . . . while visions of the stomach virus germs in that hot breath dance in my head.

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2 Responses to “The Words That Strike Fear in the Hearts of Teachers”

  1. "Ms. Cornelius" Says:

    I will send you a card in three and a half days, when you will obviously be sick too.

    We have a rule in my class. Although the students are young adults, I do not believe they should roam at will. One should ask– politely, with good grammar and manners– when one wishes egress from my palace of knowledge. BUT. Feel the need to drive the porcelain bus or give the technicolor yawn, and I say, catch my eye if you can but if not, I’ll figure it out and send out a rescue party when the shootin’ is over.

  2. Anon Says:

    the rule in my class: if you throw up in class, you fail the quarter.

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