I had some friends over for dinner tonight.  Last night when I was preparing the chicken dish that I served, I mixed up the sauce from memory.  I have made the dish several times, and I felt that I didn’t need to look at the recipe.  I spooned some apricot preserves in a bowl, poured in some prepared mustard, some catalina dressing, and two packages of onion soup mix.  It looked a little different from what I remembered before.  So I decided to check the recipe after all.  Oh no! There is no mustard in the recipe!  What was I thinking of?

I didn’t have enough ingredients to throw it out and start over.  So I decided to leave it the way it was.  After all, surely a little mustard wouldn’t ruin it.   I poured the sauce over the chicken, put the pan in the refrigerator, and went to bed.

As soon as I got home from work this afternoon, I put the pan in the oven.  Soon a really great aroma filled the house. My friends arrived and we chatted for awhile.  When dinner was ready, I sat down with more than a little apprehension.  Would the chicken be edible?  Would the mustard clash with the other tastes?  I hadn’t seen these friends in several months.  I sure didn’t want dinner to be a disaster.

It wasn’t.  The chicken was even better than the original recipe.   My friends raved about how good it was.  And they even went back for second helpings.

So YEA!  My memory lapse helped me come up with a new recipe.

So here is the new and improved recipe:

Ricky and Lyn’s Sweet and Sour Chicken a la Carol

8 boneless chicken breasts (I use frozen chicken tenderloins)

1 8-ounce jar peach or apricot preserves

1 8-ounce bottle Catalina dressing

2 envelopes onion soup mix

1/4 cup prepared Dijon mustard

Mix all ingredients except chicken breasts.  Place chicken in casserole dish.  Pour mixture over the chicken breasts. Bake covered for 1 hour at 350 degrees. Remove cover and bake an additional hour.

I serve it over rice.

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