PawPaw and I have had an interesting and fun and frustrating past 24 hours.  We’ve been over at the land clearing the area along the road.  Skalawag’s landscaping crew will be there in a few days to make it look pretty.  We’re getting it ready so that they can work with it.  PawPaw has a HUGE bulldozer there, and he pushed several large brush piles together.  My job yesterday was to get the the resulting ENORMOUS brush pile burning and to keep it burning. 

With PawPaw’s help, we had the biggest brush pile fire I’ve ever seen!  There was no danger of the fire spreading since it has rained a lot lately and PawPaw used the dozer to clear out a wide swath all the way around the pile.  We also went the legal route and had a burn permit from the county.  It is amazing how fire will totally eliminate something as large as that brush pile.  Last night for dinner we ate Subway sandwiches in fold-out chairs watching the fire. There was intermittent light sprinkling which was actually very enjoyable.  Not enough to get wet, but enough to keep things interesting.

Thus, our new nicknames for each other.  I’m PyroWoman and he’s DozerMan.  I realized how far into this I am when I ran by the Tractor Supply place this morning and bought two pairs of work gloves.  They’re necessary for the stuff I’m doing.  Must protect my manicure.  PawPaw got another burn permit for today, and there’s more dozer work and burning in our plans.

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  1. Jane Says:

    That is a great story. Isn’t it great when something so simple can bring so much pleasure!

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