Before American Idol goes any further, I want to write my predictions. It’ll be fun to see how close they follow what happens. I don’t think any of the guys have a chance except for Chris. I personally don’t care for Chris at all and don’t understand why the judges are so gah-gah over him. However, since they are, I guess he has a shot at it.

So without further ado, here are my predictions:

Mandisa – She’ll be the winner. She has a dynamite voice – can really belt out the songs. She is gorgeous and has personality. Really – have you ever seen such beautiful skin?

Taylor – He’s too spastic – kind of a Ray Charles type jerkiness. He tries too hard to be cute. The gray hair has helped him gain popularity, but I don’t think he’ll last into the final four.

Paris – She’s got a great singing voice – great talent. Her speaking voice, though, is too baby-squeaky. I think she has a shot at being in the final four, though. She was my original choice for the winner.

Elliot – Why is he still there? He doesn’t have a strong voice, and he doesn’t have a strong personality. I don’t understand why the judges are so crazy about him. I would have voted him out the first week.

Chris – He has a shot at winning, although I don’t think he should. However, he’s a rocker, and the judges seems to really like him. I personally don’t care for his singing, though. His song last week was nothing but yelling.

Katharine – She has a shot at winning, too, but I don’t think she will. She has fantastic stage presence and a million-watt smile. I think she’ll be a successful singer – even without winning A.I.

Kelley – She SO overdid the ditsy Southern belle routine the first few weeks that she turned off a lot of people. (E.G. These fake eyelashes are like TARANTULAS… What’s a ballsy?) She toned it down a little last week. Still, I don’t think she has a shot at winning. She may make it three or four more weeks, but she’ll be gone before it gets down to the final four.

Ace – He’s cute and has a good voice, but he’s not A.I. material. He’ll be gone within two or three weeks.

Bucky – He has a distinct voice, which is a godsend for a singer – a voice that stands out from the others. So far, though, he hasn’t used it very well. He doesn’t have a shot at winning and unless he makes enormous improvements he’ll probably be gone within two or three weeks.

My prediction for the final four: Mandisa, Katharine, Paris, and Chris.

All right – bring it on. Let’s see how these predictions stand up to reality.

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