It was 1978, and my newborn son was only two weeks old. I’d been cooped up in the house since his birth, and I was ready to get out and do something.  It was a lovely autumn day, and PawPaw suggested that we take the baby and his three year old sister and go on a picnic in the mountains to take in the fall scenery. We packed a picnic basket and a diaper bag, grabbed a blanket, and headed a couple hours north to Amicalola Falls – a beautiful park in the north Georgia mountains.

The autumn leaves were spectacular, the weather was sunny and cool, and the sound and sight of the falls were soothing. I remember sitting in the shade on the blanket near the top of the falls, holding the baby in my arms – looking at his perfect and content face – and breathing in the crisp mountain air. I watched PawPaw playing nearby with our daughter.  And, as if it happened merely a minute ago, I remember thinking, “This is the most perfect moment I can imagine.” And it was.

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  1. Mark Williams Says:

    I seems like you had a great time at Amicalola Falls. Have been going there for about 15 years now. I just finished making a DVD entitled “Amicalola”. It takes you on a journey from the headwaters, falls, below the falls and along the river. It should be available at the park and on my website in about a week if you are interested.

    Mark Williams

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