Back in the late fifties/early sixties, my father was the minister at Watkins Memorial Methodist Church in Ellijay, Georgia.  Since he was an outstanding preacher, he was often asked to preach at revivals at other churches.  Each time he returned home after a few days away, he brought a small gift to each of us children.  One time his gift to me was a small brown leather diary.  I was in the fifth grade at the time. 

I loved that diary and wrote in it faithfully.  When it was full, I got another one.  Later in high school I made my own diaries with paper and cardboard – sewing them together to form a book.  I remember that on the front cover of one I drew a big heart with a crack going through it and wrote in large letters: “Diary of Broken Hearts.”  Yes, I was a drama queen. 

I kept a diary from fifth grade until a few days before I married PawPaw in 1969.  At that time I decided that I was “leaving my past behind and entering adulthood” and should do away with the activities of my childhoo.  And with great ceremony, I burned all my diaries. (another DQ moment)

I’m fortunate to have only a few real regrets in my life, and that’s one of them.  It would be SO cool to be able to read my journal entries from fifth grade through junior high and high school and the first two years of college. 

I started a new journal not too long after I got married, and I still have all my journals after that.  It’s nice to go back and read about the early years of my marriage to PawPaw, my pregnancies and the births of both my children – now 27 and 31.  Once I started using a computer about ten years ago, I stopped keeping a paper and pencil journal.  All my writing since then has been done on the computer – and I lost lots of it when my computer crashed once.  But still I have a drawer full of journals – and every year or two it’s nice to glance through them and remember some of the fun times in my past.

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4 Responses to “Monday Memory – Journal Writing”

  1. Mike in Arkansas Says:

    I sometimes wish that I had kept the poetry that I wrote during some of the boring classes in high school and I wish I had written – and kept – some sort of journal. Memories survive better when some record is kept that can be used to refresh them.

  2. beth Says:

    I never kept a journal. I admire your consistancy in doing that.

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