A couple summers ago I commuted back and forth to MTSU each day to take some classes.  I looked for books on CD to make the drive more enjoyable.  One of the books I enjoyed was The DaVinci Code.  It was a good read – a little long and tedious at times, but enjoyable.  It made my commute a tad more interesting for a few days.  I plan to see the movie – in a few weeks when the theaters won’t be so crowded.

So there are people who are protesting the movie.  It is FICTION.  Have these protestors checked out the latest X-rated movies or the ones that are so full of gratuitous violence that anyone who hasn’t been totally desensitized to death and destruction can hardly even watch them. Or maybe the ones that glorify satanism?  I can think of quite a few other movies that are more deserving of protest.

The DaVinci Code is based on a theory I’ve heard numerous times throughout the years – that Jesus married Mary Magdalene.  It doesn’t put the Catholic Church in a very favorable light since its premise is that the Church went to great lengths to re-write history.

One of the great aspects of the Christian faith is that it is open to questioning.  What good is a belief if you can’t question it and explore it and look at it from all sides?

Thank God we’re living in a country where people can discuss and debate religious beliefs – where literature and thoughts and speech are not controlled – where writers and filmmakers and songwriters and the average citizen on the street can discuss and question without fear of reprisal.  Can you imagine the killings and beheadings that would be going on if the movie were about Mohammad (RoPMA)?

It’s a movie.  It’s fiction.  Get over it.

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7 Responses to “The DaVinci Code – Much Ado About Fiction”

  1. Mary Says:

    Voted for you again.
    Excellent post today! As a Christian I see both sides of your argument. The church tends to go overboard on some issues today and it seems we end up causing more attention to the ‘blasphemous’ things we are trying to steer people away from. I remember when Halloween was just a dress up holiday. Everyone in my church participated. Now all the parents my age throw harvest parties and won’t let little Timmy go trick-or-treating in public. At the same time we who believe in Biblical prophesy see the ever increasing ‘changes’and ‘slanders’ to our Gospel as something to avoid and use as teaching moments.
    I had the same feeling about the book. It is a novel. I’m not a big reader so I haven’t read it. I probably won’t see the movie, the theater is so expensive nowdays. But I’m not going to boycott or tell others not to see it.
    Anyway. Good post! It will be interesting to see what you might have stirred up. o )

  2. Ruth Says:

    Thanks Carol for a good post. Yes, by taking the piece of gnostic fiction serious enough to protest is only giving it more free publicity.

  3. Ed Bacchus Says:

    I agree, I can’t believe all the religious hype trying shut the movie down. It’s just a THEORY!!!!!

  4. Norma Says:

    As a Christian, I see Dan Brown in a long line of deniers, attempting to destroy the faith. He builds a fictional story on a structure he says is fact, but it is all false. He denies the diety of Christ, denies the authority of Scripture, elevates gnosticism to the level of the Gospels, and denigrates women, whom Jesus elevated.

  5. Devilish Girl Says:

    I agree totally with you. It’s FICTION. Christian churches don’t want people (their congregations) to see this because it raises questions and when people have questions, they begin to have doubt and when you have doubt, it means you’re finally thinking for yourself. It’s the way life is. Had the book (still a work of FICTION) come out and confirmed everything the churches teach it would be the BEST thing ever to see.

    *shrug* I honestly don’t think it’s going to hurt Christian churches if they would just let it pass by. But the more they protest, the more stock people put into the work. It’s a great story. Period. One of the best mysteries I’ve read in a long time. But there are plenty of non-fiction books he pulled his ideas from. Everyone just needs to make their own decision about how much they buy into the research and other books.

  6. Utenzi Says:

    Norma obviously hasn’t read the book since little of what she says is true. Brown, while a very poor author, did have a very interesting albeit quite preposterous idea behind his book. I certainly agree with you Carol that since it’s fiction people shouldn’t take offense at it. I’m just amazed it has sold so well.

  7. Cacciaguida Says:

    Carol: Great blog! Thanks for keeping the Pro-Victory flag flying in Tennessee, and thanks for the link!

    On DVC — my only (and big) problem with the “it’s just fiction” argument is that this is precisely not the way Dan Brown presents it. His preface gives the reader the impression that the book is the result of serious research. And it works: without going out of my way to find such people, I have heard numerous remarks from intelligent-seeming people along the lines of “Well the Church teaches this but I’ve read this book that shows that” and “I used to be Catholic but then I read this novel….”

    I’m against boycotting the movie, but I’m in favor of levelling intense scorn at both it and the book. As I frequently do on my blog.


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