Yesterday I shared a quote by Sir Winston Churchill:

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last!”

~Sir Winston Churchill~

American is becoming the world’s biggest appeaser.  Heaven forbid that we do or say anything that might possibly make anyone feel uncomfortable or offended.  In our striving to make everyone happy, we aren’t making anyone happy – even ourselves.

It makes me sad – and scared – to see and hear people claiming that anyone who believes that people should follow estabished laws for entering our country are racist, bigoted, and anti-immigration.  Placing negative labels on people is the best way to get attention away from the real issues.  No one wants to be considered racist and bigoted and against the very thing upon which our country was built. 

Even in church I hear people saying “But the illegal immigrants are just poor people coming here for a better life.  How can we deny them the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their families?”  If so, then they should stop crossing the border in the dead of the night and getting ID’s, social security numbers and drivers licenses illegally.  Stop breaking in line – go back and do it legally.  We want you here if you can have the strength of character and perseverance to do it the right way. 

To borrow from a country song, “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.”  We’re falling for just about everything that people are willing to shout loud enough about and make a big enough scene about .  We don’t want to feel “uncomfortable” or be accused of not being “tolerant.”  We’ve reached the point of not being willing to take a stand for anything.  Everything is all right.  We’ll tolerate any and everything.  We don’t have the courage to say that some things are simply WRONG. 

Our country was founded by CHRISTIANS who came here for freedom of religion.  Recognizing our Christian heritage and celebrating it does NOT deny non-Christians their religion.  Rather, denying “In God We Trust” on our currency, in our history books and in our pledge is denying our own history.

Our country is directly threatened by radical Islam.  Fighting Islamic terrorists is honorable and necessary.  Mistakes made by .001% of our soldiers does not negate the wonderfully courageous efforts of 99.999% of them.  Spouting anti-war rhetoric does not negate the fact that our soldiers are dying every day to give U.S. citizens the right to protest and criticize their country and president.

Our country was founded on freedom based on law.  When we reward lawbreakers with privileges not given to law-abiders, we undermine the foundation of our country.

President Bush was fairly elected in both 2000 and 2004.  Certainly 2000 was close, but the law was followed and he was correctly chosen as our president.  To not give him the respect due the leader of the greatest nation on earth is unpatriotic and childish.  You can disagree with people without disrespecting them. President Bush deserves our respect based simply on the fact that he is our duly elected president.  Period.

So we will appease the illegal immigrants, we will appease the radical Muslims, we will appease the left-wing anti-war protestors, we will appease the history revisionists, and eventually we WILL be eaten by the crocodile of appeasement.  That crocodile is already well into his meal of USA a la Appeasement. 

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10 Responses to “Appeasing Away Our Country and Culture”

  1. An Educational Voyage! Says:

    links from TechnoratiIllegal Immigration

  2. David Says:

    Unfortunate, but true…

  3. Ryan Says:

    As far as immigration goes, those wrong people see the reality of the situation:

    A multi-year legal immigration waiting list

    Poverty and hopelessness driving them to opportunity

    A better place for their children

    It’s so easy to drop your humanity and hide behind the laws and rules that make you have something other people want.

    I also think we should hang onto our Puritan and Quaker roots more specifically and make sure we hold their ways above those sacriligious Catholics, Mormons, Jews, Athiests, and those damn Indians we stole the whole continent from.

    I have respect for the president also and don’t disagree that he is the elected office holder, however, I’m still pissed that he engaged our military forces in Nation Building (effectively in a civil war, no less), completely dropped conservatism in favor of high spending, and has no ability to acknowledge mistakes his administration has made.

    Perhaps those who protest the war are just as concerned about the U.S. Soldiers dying that they don’t percieve to be justified by a free Iraq that they want to do something about it. I would hope the troops would see that those people are more concerned with their well-being and not the other sides attempt to tie patriotism with political support. That just opens the door to absolute power.

    Other than that, nice blog. In off of B.E. and looking for someone to vent on. Feel free to come to my blog and dispute anything I’ve scribbled.

  4. carol Says:

    Again, Ryan, it’s sad to be accused of dropping my humanity because I believe in following the law. If the immigration laws are too strict and time-consuming, then we need to change them – not pardon the people who have broken them. The Mexican people need to do something about their own country so that it won’t be so poor and oppressive that they can’t live there.

    And, I said nothing of holding Christian ways above other religions. We simply should not deny our Christian heritage by trying to revise our history.

    Your post was a perfect example of the name-calling that clouds the issues.

    Unfortunately, in a situation such as the war in Iraq, political support and patriotism are undeniable tied together. Each protest gives the radical Muslims more courage and determination to battle us. They know that a house divided cannot stand. I believe the war would have been over – and won – already had we not had the division within our own country.

  5. Case-Notes from the Artsy Asylum Says:

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  6. Conservative Cat Says:

    John Murtha’s Tribe Problem…

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  7. Planck's Constant Says:

    Google search and how did you get here…

    I check my statcounter logs to see how readers have gotten to any particular blog post of mine. Interestingly, My post shows up on the top for google search of “Sopranos Episode 77” ahead of even HBO and a number……

  8. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    Estatua de la Libertad…

    La estatua de la libertad consigue un makeover extremo para reflejar la nueva cuenta de la inmigración….

  9. JR Renolyes Says:

    Anyone who doesn’t like the way we live, or act. Go back to where you came from. Screw Liberals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. JRY Says:

    Apparently som folks think they are above the law. Sb, I blogged about your post and agree that we need to make some changes but that we must uphold the laws we have now.

    Just wanting what others have is not a sufficient reason to break the law. The Mexican government actually helps their people break into our country. It’s a silent invasion. No way should we reward this outrageous behavior. Mexico is responsible for providing for it’s citizens. We are not. We have enough trouble spreading our resources across all of our legal citizens, who actually put into the system, and deserve it.

    The US gives TONS of money to Mexico. However because Mexico is so corrupt, it does not filter down to the lives of its citizenry. We can’t do everything. The US is the most generous country in the world. We have bleeding hearts and open wallets for everyone. Interestingly, it does not often appear to be appreciated. And yet we still fork it over with a smile.

    A father who just wants to be a pal to his son and never sets limits, will have a spoiled brat for a child. We have to set limits. Limits to our generosity and patience. Illegal is criminal. Period.

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