In Sunday’s TENNESSEAN newspaper, there was a story about Mary Winkler.  

A grand jury in McNairy County is expected to decide Monday whether to indict the wife of a prominent Church of Christ minister on homicide charges in the March 22 shooting death of her husband.

Mary Winkler, 32, was arrested in Orange Beach, Ala., almost 24 hours after her husband, Matthew Winkler, was found shot in the back at their Selmer home.  Police said she had taken the couple’s three young daughters and fled to the Gulf Coast area in her minivan after the shooting.

On Monday, “the prosecution will present their proof for indictment,” said Mary Winkler’s attorney Steven Farese Sr. of Ashland, Miss., in a phone interview Friday.

Then, Farese said, he expects that “on Wednesday Mary Winkler will make a court appearance.”

“We’ll have a defense,” Farese said, though he didn’t elaborate on what that would be. He added that his plans include entering a plea of not guilty.

Also, “we’re contemplating asking for bond.”

After returning to Tennessee, Mary Winkler opted not to have a preliminary hearing and waived her case to the McNairy County grand jury. She is still being held in the McNairy County Jail.

Police have said Mary Winkler confessed and that they believe she planned the slaying. The case, which has attracted national press, has stirred the town of Selmer, which has a population of about 4,500.

In February 2005, Matthew Winkler moved his family to Selmer to serve as minister to the Fourth Street Church of Christ.

Members of the Fourth Street church found Matthew Winkler’s body in a bedroom at the church’s parsonage the night of March 22 and phoned police.

An Amber Alert was later issued for Mary Winkler and the couple’s three girls, Patricia, 8, Mary Alice, 6, and Brianna, 1.

Matthew Winkler’s father, Dan Winkler, and mother, Diane, are taking care of the children. Dan Winkler is the minister at the Huntingdon, Tenn., Church of Christ.

When asked about Mary Winkler’s demeanor last week, Farese said, “she was very emotional,” adding that he talks to her twice a week. “She’s very anxious to see her children.

“I know that she has written numerous letters to her children, but we don’t know if the children have read the letters,” Farese said.

“She can (and does) have pictures (of her children),” Farese said. But to his knowledge, he said, “the Winkler family hasn’t sent her any (pictures of the girls).”

“We have no comments at this time,” Dan Winkler said Saturday by phone from his Huntingdon home.

Jerry Morris, an elder at the Huntingdon Church of Christ, said the children “seem to be thriving real well” in their grandparents’ care. Morris is the contact for a special fund that has been set up for the girls.

He said he has seen the children at church during Wednesday night activities, on Sundays and sometimes during the week.

So finally, after almost three months of no news, we may possibly learn SOMETHING new about this case that has become such a fascinating mystery.  Stay tuned . . .

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8 Responses to “Mary Winkler – FINALLY some news”

  1. Assorted Babble News Says:

    links from Technoratiof 1st Degree Murder, a charge stemmed from premeditated murder. WVLT Volunteer TV, Knoxville, TN: Grand Jury Indicts Wife of Slain Preacher June 14, 2006 -Updated information at Assorted Babble News or click hereThe Median Sib- Mary Winkler – FINALLY some news!! Others Blogging: Blue Star Chronicles Past Posts: 3/23/06 Amber Alert 3/24/06 Minister’s Wife Drives to my Home Area 3/24/06 Witnesses Recall Winkler’s Arrest in Orange Beach, AL 3/25/06 Mary’s Mystery Motive

  2. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    Mary Winkler Indicted…

    Wife Indicted for Tennessee Minister’s Murder
    From AP
    By WOODY BAIRD, Associated Press Writer
    SELMER, Tenn. – The wife of a minister who was shot to death in his church’s parsonage was indicted Monday on a charge of premeditated murder.

  3. MrsMac Says:

    Any thoughts on this……

    Preacher’s wife charged with murder wants to suppress confession

    JACKSON, Tenn. Attorneys for Mary Winkler, who is charged with shooting her minister husband, filed motions to keep her confession to the police from being presented to the jury.

    Winkler’s attorneys filed 25 motions last week in the McNairy County Circuit Court, some of which request the suppression of all statements she gave police and all evidence to be used against her.

    The 32-year-old wife of three was indicted a week ago in the shooting of Matthew Winkler, minister of Fourth Street Church of Christ in Selmer.

    Authorities say Winkler confessed to the shooting on March 22nd, but refused to discuss any reasoning she gave for the slaying.

    Her attorneys claim that Winkler’s confession wasn’t voluntary and that she was illegally arrested without probable cause.

    Winkler has also made special requests regarding the selection of her jury and asked that potential jurors be sequestered and individually interviewed.

    Her bond hearing is set for June 30th.

    Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

  4. bill Says:

    Hi, Carol . . . nice to meet you > if I may offer this on this web . . . you might like to check in the “chapel” > ApologiaNick’s thread on relationships > where we have a discussion about how to relate in marriage.
    …The Bible does clearly say, “For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body.” (Ephesians 5:23) But does this mean the husband has the final say about things? God is the One who ALWAYS has the final say. So it is the responsibility of the man as head to pray and make sure with God about what God really wants. And as her head, he is responsible to make sure she has also prayed and found out with God about what He wants…so they are getting the same thing and God is personally satisfying them both, to do together what He really desires >
    …Cheerfully, and with gladness > God wants WILLING obedience, NEVER grudging, puppet, parrot stuff. So it is the man’s responsibility to make sure his wife does what he directs ONLY if she is being satisfied by God. Because if we go along with leadership without being pleased and satisfied, “thankful” (Colossians 3:15), then we are sinning against how God wants us to obey cheerfully. So a man must make sure he NEVER forces or pressures or charms or tricks his wife to do things, but she needs to prayerfully do things with God, NOT just go along with him.
    …So if Mrs. Winkler was not doing this…but getting degraded more and more in a wrong spirit…then she could become able to commit murder.
    …”Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives,” (1 Peter 3:4) > so even wives with disobedient men can be expected to do what is good. She could have read this, in her own Bible, and obeyed this >
    …”looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled;” (Hebrews 12:15)

  5. carol Says:

    reguardless of bible whats done is done and i believe she should get life she could of left bad situation and got help from police or women shelters i don,t feel bit sorry her
    but i do feel bad for children that has lost father and also for father in my book theres no excuses to murder anyone rather what reason it was i hope she gets everything she deserves
    i don,t think she feels bit shame for what she did
    if i was courts i wouldn,t let her see her children shes unfit
    if she kill her husband what she going do girls she might even kidnap them

  6. sqrlgrl Says:

    How can I get an address so I can write to Mary? As one who has been in an abusive “christian ” marriage, and would have killed my husband had I a hammer in my hand when I caught him molesting our 3 year old daughter, I would like to contact her, and send my sympathy.
    I would have killed him because when I saw what he was doing it was a reflexive action to kill, much like the reaction of pulling back your hand when it touches a hot stove, no thought, just instinct.
    No one can believe that the man singing up in front of the church berates his family all the way up the church steps, but week after week he does, and church members wonder why his wife keeps getting thinner. It’s hard to eat when nausea overwhelms you at the sight of him.

    TMS: I don’t know Mary’s address, but I’m sure you could figure out some way to write to her by researching online. I hope you are able to get out of your abusive relationship without resorting to anything violent. And I hope your daughter is okay. Get help.

  7. Nokomis Says:

    I truly believe that the Lord will provide. Where there is a will there is a WAY. Instead of all the negative press on this situation let’s pray for this family especially for those chilren who have lost their father and mother. Let’s continue to pray for strength of the church and always remember that God is in control and he has given us his word and his flock the church to guide us into the right direction. Sorry that this had to happen. God bless each and everyone those members in at that Church of Christ,..and may Mary eventually come too,..despite what the past became.

  8. thu cuoc fpt binh duong Says:

    thu cuoc fpt binh duong

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