The people who put a contract on my house called awhile ago.  They got a contract for the sale of their house, and the people offered them $15,000 MORE than their asking price.  And the buyers already pre-qualify for the loan.  So things are looking very promising.  I’ll keep St. Joseph buried until we close on the sale of my house, though.  But, if things go as planned, the sale could be closed within a month.  Of course “I” didn’t get $15,000 more than my asking price.  I felt really good about the deal I made until I heard THAT.

I don’t “really” believe that St. Joseph has anything to do with it…BUT this is the FOURTH time I’ve sold a property within a few days of burying my St. Joseph statue. . . . and then . . . I was born in St. Joseph hospital in Atlanta. My son is named Joseph. Maybe . . .

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One Response to “St. Joseph – He’s the Saint for Me!”

  1. Ms Cornelius Says:

    I had never heard of the St. Joseph thing until I moved out of largely-Protestant Oklahoma. I know scads of people who swear by it. I was once subbing at a school and listened to a woman who was Southern Baptist talking about she was so desperate to sell her house, she was going over to “Cath’lic Supplaaaae” to get a St. Joseph– she just hoped her preacher wouldn’t find out. I nearly choked trying to keep from laughing. I almost told my Lutheran friend to give it a try after her house had been on the market for six months– but I think she got a contract on it this weekend, so she was saved from having to “compromise her principles.”

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