I was reading a report about the best chain restaurants – the ones that have the highest rating of customer satisfaction.  I was astounded that two restaurants that I personally would rate “mediocre” at best made the list.  Carrabba’s was rated the best for Italian food, and Outback was rated best for takeout. 

I’ve only eaten at Carrabba’s twice, but both times I came away with a stomach ache and an awful aftertaste.  You couldn’t pay me to go back.  There are too many really good Italian restaurants to take a chance on Carrabba’s again.  Plus, their commercials with the two owners talking (i.e. trying to be cute and clever) are annoying.

I’ve eaten at Outback quite a few times – not in the last year or so though.  The blooming onions at Outback are good, but greasy.  However, I don’t know how you could batter and fry an onion without making it greasy.  Their other food, however, is merely okay – certainly nothing award-worthy – and at times it hasn’t even reached the “okay” level.  I’ve never tried their takeout, though.  Would a restaurant’s takeout food be better than their in-restaurant food?  I doubt it.  Maybe their takeout service is so outstanding that it compensates for the mediocre food – or maybe they’ve made great improvements in their food since the last time I was there.  I doubt if I go back, though, unless I just really get a hankering for a blooming onion.

All of which goes to show that people have different opinions because obviously some people think Carrabbas and Outback have good food – or else the restaurants padded the pockets of the folks doing the survey.

  Bonefish Grill was the winner for seafood restaurants, and in my book it deserves it.  I have never had anything other than an absolutely delicious dinner there.  PawPaw and I’ve been there a bunch of times, and everytime we’ve had a scrumptious meal.  The salads are so fresh and the seafood is wonderful.  It’s expensive (for us) but worth it.

PawPaw and I were talking the other night about how when restaurants first open the food and service is outstanding.  However, they start getting lax and after a few months both the food and service go way downhill.  It’s happened to Copeland’s and Stoney River and others as well.

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3 Responses to “Best Restaurants?”

  1. Jane Says:

    I’ve never eaten at Carrabas but I have eaten at Outback. You are right. I prefer Longhorn’s. They have an “onion” that is not greasy and their steaks are much better.

  2. jennster Says:

    this post just made me VERY hungry! lol

  3. webloafer Says:

    I too have noticed the opening splendor…..then the disappointment the next time you visit. I’m with you with Outback. The chain has gotten big……and sloppy. The salad plates are room temperature or fresh out of the dishwasher warm……and the salad is chopped like a drunken sailor would chop it….

    Never, ever order the sirloin…..

    Save your money…..just pull a sole off of your florsheims and douse it with sauce…..and believe me, it’ll be better than the sirloin special.

    I have had some nice bread there, if it is hot enough to melt the thing they call butter…

    Outback’s pumpernikel bread is …..oooooh so good.

    The trouble with chain food?…..it is always overpriced, because they must add the cost of the advertisements into the price……

    And then the waiter/waittress expects more than should be, and the state collects more sales tax then should be….

    And I walk out of the place swearing I’ll never waste my money there again……..but

    I get a craving for that pumpernikel…..

    Hey Medi…sib…

    We have the best Italian in the USofA, it is Cinzetti’s……google it, and the website will make you hungry just visiting. So far there are only two Cinzetti’s, one here, about two miles from my ranch, and one in Denver.

    What the pasta, am I doing talking about food, when I should be asleep.

    Catch you later…..

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