1. After several days of moving, I’m blogging again. I still don’t have my computer set up because I’ve got to have time to figure out HOW to set up my computer. I think I have to get a router so I can hook into PawPaw’s DSL line. Not sure how to do that – so I’ll go to the store later this week and ask. In the meantime, I’ll use PawPaw’s computer.

2. I’ve moved everything – except part of the kitchen. Moving is the pits. I’ll get up early in the morning and head back over to my townhouse and try to finish up the kitchen. I’ve got an ENORMOUS stack of stuff to take to Goodwill, a LARGE stack of trash, and various and sundry items to either take to the storage room or bring over to PawPaw’s house.

3. PawPaw had to leave this afternoon for Texas, and he’ll be gone until Thursday evening. That means I have four night at his house (guess it’s my house now, too) by myself. Quite honestly, his house is a little spooky. No security system, no deadbolts (at least none that work), and it’s off on 5 acres by itself – set back from the road. My son had promised to loan me his dog this week, but he never showed up with him. I was actually looking forward to spending this week with Hank. At least he’d provide a little protection.

4. One good thing about PawPaw’s house is that the waterfall, hill and field behind his house can be seen from the bed. First thing this morning, PawPaw told me to look out the window. There was a buck and doe on the hillside – just walking around munching on the grass. They were beautiful, and they wandered around for a few minutes. The buck’s antlers were very velvety.

5. This afternoon when I was unloading one of three carloads of “stuff” at PawPaw’s, there was a raccoon that came out of the woods and hung around the backyard. I had to shoo him away! I think he’s used to coming up on the porch to eat the cat’s food.

6. Tomorrow my daughter has asked me to drive her to the airport. That’ll be nice because we’ll have a good time talking on the way there.

7. I saved the big news for last. PawPaw and I are officially engaged! This morning we packed a picnic breakfast of bagels, cantaloupe and coffee and took it to the building site. While there, he proposed and gave me a GORGEOUS ring. At church later we talked to the minister about doing the ceremony soon. We haven’t set a date, but it will probably be within a few weeks.

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3 Responses to “Sunday Seven – I’m back!”

  1. apos Says:

    Aww you lucky ducky off on acreage. I loved living out on acres but yeah you can spook yerself aye. hee. A dog would certainly make you feel safer. Good luck on its [??] arrival and congrats on engagement )

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Congratulations on your recent engagement.


  3. Jessica Says:


    Now I demand that you post a picture of your ring.


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