I’ve moved in with PawPaw, and I am in the midst of trying to organize a house that a man has lived in alone for six years.  I had to totally empty the pantry that was filled with everything from Christmas wrapping paper, an ice cream freezer, tools, insect spray, a gift box of Hickory Farms cheese/sausage (unopened with an expiration date two years old), paper cups to a bicycle helmet box (empty).  Then I took the canned and boxed food that filled the cabinets where dishes should go and put them in the pantry.  Now I can put dishes in the cabinets. 

When I put my clothes in the closet, the whole shelf assembly fell – totally ruined.  Luckily, I jumped back and it didn’t fall on my head.  It was not made to hold very much.  So I went to WalMart and bought a closet organization kit, and I’ll put that together and install it later tonight – I hope.  My one goal is that by the time PawPaw gets home tomorrow night from his business trip, I’ll have the house at least visibly clean and organized.  Right now all the boxes from my house are stacked on the tables and beds. 

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