My Plan:  Have everything unpacked and the cabin looking wonderful by this afternoon.

My Reality: There are still boxes all over the place and the bar for hanging clothes is still broken in the closet.  I need a day with about 100 hours and an unlimited supply of energy in order to finish this before I leave for Destin Saturday  morning.

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4 Responses to “Plan vs. Reality”

  1. Crystal Clear Says:

    Very cute picture… love it… Am going to battle you but losing will be worth it -) happy unpacking!

  2. carol Says:

    Thanks, Crystal Clear. However, I’d bet you’ll win the battle. I don’t think I’ve won a single one all day! Some days are like that… LOL!

  3. JSC Says:


    Do NOT set artificial deadlines like that. It is far more important for you to be rested and ready to enjoy Florida! There is plenty of time for you to unpack boxes and get settled — take a little easy or you will get sick or hurt yourself — take it from one who knows!!!

    Love you!


  4. Ruth Says:

    In my objective opinion, your articles in the Nashville paper would rival the ones by Erma Bombeck!!!

    Have a good vacation in Florida. Joan and Jim & family are planning a trip to Mexico Beach. Isn’t the exciting?

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