“Listen!” I hushed the talking as soon as I heard the sound.  It was gone so quickly I wasn’t sure I had even heard it – a fleeting, almost-mewing sound.  Holding my finger to my lips, I motioned the others to listen.  Despite the bustle of people in the corridor, we shamelessly pressed our ears to the door.  There it was again!  We looked at each other.  Was it what we thought it was?  Suddenly it came again.  This time sustained and strong.  There was no doubt – it was a baby’s cry.  We looked at each other, tears filled our eyes, and grins spread across our faces.  A new life had just entered the world on the other side of the door.  My first grandchild was born.

Note:  I’m attending a 4-day writing workshop (how to teach writing), and this was one of the things I wrote on the first day.  We had to try different leads.  This was my “dialogue” lead.

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7 Responses to “Monday Memory – The Sound of Life”

  1. beth Says:

    AHHH – that’s a wonderful memory )

  2. beth Says:

    Welcome to the Cotillion )

  3. Becky Says:

    Nice work, caught my attention! : )

  4. SecondTwin Says:

    welcome back …. with a wonderfully written memory.

  5. Norma Says:

    Beautiful memory. Neat 2-fer.

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