We’ll be up early this morning to make the four hour drive to the entrance to Denali. Once there we will take a short plane ride to take us the 90 miles to Kantishna. If it’s too stormy or foggy for the plane ride, we will ride a bus the 90 miles which will take about 6 – 8 hours.

We took the bus ride last year, and it was phenomenal even though it was a LONG trip. We saw several grizzlies with cubs (similar to the photo above except the grizzlies we saw weren’t on the road).

Once we get to Camp Denali from Kantishna we’ll start scouting around to determine exactly where we want to have our wedding the next day. Maybe Nugget Pond:

Maybe Wonder Lake:

Maybe North Face Lodge:

We’re staying at Camp Denali with a photography group led by a reknowned nature photographer, and most likely the group will get together tonight to see what all is planned for the next couple days.

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    Hi there!..sent a link..and tb!..have a gr8 weekend! )

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