Beth at Blue Star Chronicles wrote about her soldier son in this post.

I don’t know where my Soldier Son is. The last time I got a message from him he said his unit was pushing to another area. He was vague about where that would be, but I know it’s an area where there is a lot of fighting right now. . . .

It really hit me when I got his orders in the mail. He sent them to me for safe keeping and ‘just in case’. Just in case. That’s what really got me. The ‘just in case’. I tried to read the orders, but they looked like they had been xeroxed way too many times and were barely legible. The part I could read was his name, rank and the statement that he’s deployed in the Global War on Terror. That got me too. . . .

When I hear that the al-islamofascists have put out yet another tape of their disgusting medieval abuses and tortures of U.S. military Soldiers or civilians from anywhere I feel my anger towards them building. When I hear their fascist hate-filled rhetoric I just want to scream. . . .

When I hear the hate-filled ignorant rhetoric of our enemies within who just don’t GET IT, I want to scream even more. These are the worst. They are speaking against their own people, their own country. . . .

The main stream media is the worst. I listen to them put out propaganda AGAINST our own country and it is infuriating. It puts our troops in a much more dangerous position. Appeasement does nothing but prolong suffering and conflict. You can avoid conflict, but it only leads to unavoidable conflict. How they can do that and sleep at night is beyond my understanding.

All the “progressive” rhetoric against the war and against George Bush is killing our soldiers. It is empowering the enemy. Seeing the self-interest, stupidity and political posturing masquerading as patriotism and scholarly intellect turns my stomach.

It was reported recently that a study had been done that determined that the war in Iraq has made terrorism a bigger threat. If the idiot leftwingers could have been non-partisan and truly patriotic long enough to support our country through the hard times rather than turning tail and running when the going got tough, the war would be completely different.

Beth’s soldier son is my soldier nephew. I pray God will watch over each and every soldier and save them from our enemies from without and within.

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2 Responses to “Our Soldier Sons – God Watch Over Them”

  1. beth Says:

    Thanks Carol – that’s very nice. I appreciate your support and caring about Josh.

    I did hear from his girlfriend today and she said she heard from him yesterday and he’s been very busy and not where he has internet access.

    It’s going to be a long year. (

  2. Jane Says:

    Amen Carol! Josh is in my prayers too…and Beth. I’m glad she has heard from him, even though it was not directly.

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