(Note: Two weeks ago I wrote the following post and posted it. However, we ended up having to change our plans. TONIGHT we will finally go camping. No rain is forecast – but that’s okay. So I’m changing the date stamp on this post so it’ll show up for today! he he he I guess that’s the easy way to get a post in today – plus let my thousands of loyal readers – he he – know what I’m doing.)

(Originally posted on 9/22/06 – date changed and reposted on 10/6/06)

RT and I have decided to go camping tonight. It’s supposed to rain, but as RT said this morning, that just adds to the fun of it. Amazingly enough, I agree with him. And I can’t believe that I truly agree with him. However, I’m looking forward to camping tonight and I hope it rains.

Here’s a photo from last fall when RT and I camped near the Ocoee River which is near Chattanooga. We stayed at a state campground then. Tonight we’ll be camping at the site where we plan to build our home. So tonight’s camping will be a little more rustic than this photo.

Camping on our land is decidedly easier now than it was last year. Since last year RT has built a road that will take us right to the place where we will camp. We also put a picnic table up there which will make things a little easier. I’m looking forward to it. Food tastes so good cooked over a campfire, and the sleep is so sweet.

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LATER NOTE: Change of plans. No camping this weekend – will try again soon, though.

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