RT and I flew to Grand Junction, TN yesterday and got our new British Labrador Retriever, Jake, from the Southwind Kennels.  We mulled over several possible names and finally decided on Jake.  It’s short, masculine and easy for the dog to learn.

We spent HOURS at the breeder’s, working with different dogs – deciding which one would be the best fit for us.  Initially, I wanted a black lab that had a spot of white on his throat.  However, “Blaze” (as I nicknamed him), was not very cooperative, wouldn’t let us pet him, and wasn’t very sociable.  We wanted a dog that was calm and companionable.

At first we weren’t interested in Jake – can’t remember why – but he chose us.  And the more we worked with him, the more we saw that he was exactly what we were looking for.  He was calm, he enjoyed being petted, he was obviously intelligent and eager to please, he heeled, sat and retrieved very well.  The calmness was the most important trait, though.

We figured the big test would be the plane flight home.  RT’s plane is a small 4-passenger plane – very noisy without earphones, and of course we didn’t have doggy earphones.  We also didn’t have a crate for Jake.  So he sat in my lap.  We were wondering how he’d handle the noise and the unfamiliar experience of flying.  He was WONDERFUL!  He sat in my lap with his head stretched out on my arm.  He didn’t flinch when RT cranked up the motor, didn’t flinch during take-off or landing.  He was absolutely perfect.  And that thrilled RT since he wants Jake to accompany him in the plane for some of his business trips. 

Last night Jake was a little nervous when we first settled down for the night.  We put him in his crate in our bedroom.  He howled and barked off and on for about 10 minutes.  Then he settled down and slept all night.

This morning – he STILL had not done either “business” since we’d brought him home.  We knew he must be quite uncomfortable by that time.  We had walked him often before bed last night and first thing this morning.  However, he would not relieve himself.  Finally, though, he took care of both businesses in the appropriate spot.  Another milestone passed.  -)

Jake is solid black, he was born on April 17, 2006 – which makes him almost 6 months old.  I’m glad we chose an older puppy.  I think he’ll be much easier to train.  RT took him over to the land awhile ago, and I’m about to head over there to join them.

The photo above isn’t of Jake.  It’s a photo of a British Lab I found online.  However, you can see photos of him HERE at the kennel website.  I don’t know which of the four dogs is him, though.   I’ll take some photos today to post here at THE MEDIAN SIB.

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5 Responses to “Jake is here!”

  1. Patti Says:

    Beautiful! We just got a new baby, too. He’s a golden retriever.

  2. Serra Says:

    They’re all gorgeous dogs! I love Labs, their temperament is so nice with most of them.

  3. beth Says:

    He’s beautiful! I love black labs.

  4. Larisa Says:

    Hey nice looking dog Mom! I’m so glad yall went for the older dog. He sounds wonderful and sweet and we can’t wait to meet him.

    Love you!

  5. Natalie Perzylo Says:

    What a dog if he can sit on a plane with all that noise, and a dog who doesn’t really know you. He instantly feel in trust with you guys…
    I’m always looking for Dog of Moment pictures for http://www.doglinks.co.nz I’d love to include him. Write to me and send me a picture, and I’ll link up your story to it.

    what a gem!!

    by the way, we got our dog who’s black and has a bit of white on his throat and paws. He’s on the site (bottom right hand column)

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