This morning while reading The Cotillion email, I saw that Kathleen of Right Wing Sparkle has decided to quit blogging.  As I read her last post, I found myself agreeing with her.  What use is blogging anyway?  I’ve gone through so many stages of blogging: I’ve loved it, hated it, tolerated it, been frustrated with it, felt driven to do it, have been offended by it, laughed at it, and had fun with it.  Some posts take hours of tedious work.  Others write themselves in minutes.  When I think of what I’ve written, I’m proud, ashamed, embarrassed, happy all at the same time. 

One time I got so frustrated at what I perceived was the futility of blogging that I started deleting posts, and I deleted about 30 posts before I realized that I didn’t have to delete anything - I could just stop writing.  And so I stopped – for about a day.  Then I was back at it – minus about 30 posts that are gone forever.

When I think about the blogs I read regularly, 99% of them are blogs that I agree with politically or philosophically.  When I DO read blogs from a liberal perspective (which is not my perspective), I refuse to comment.  My comments won’t change anyone’s thinking, and it would only cause hard feelings. 

Then there are the idiots that make blogging a pain – the people who create commenting spam and email spam.  I wonder if there are truly people left on earth who still fall for all those stupid ads and get-rich-quick schemes.  Does anyone still click on links embedded in comments? Apparently the answer is yes because despite the spam blockers I put on the comments for THE MEDIAN SIB, dozens of spam comments still get through to my “comment moderation” page each day.  I then must spend time classifying them as spam and deleting them.  And idiots are still using my web address to send out spam to others.  So each day I must deal with numerous “returned emails” from spam sent from my web address. 

It’s easy to get caught up in traffic – how many people visit THE MEDIAN SIB each day and how many people comment.  My competitive nature kicks into gear, and I want to write about something controversial in order to get more hits and more comments.  Then I have to remind myself that increasing traffic is not my purpose here.

It comes down to the question of whether or not THE MEDIAN SIB makes a difference or serves a purpose.  And, for me, it does.  I know I won’t make a difference it anyone’s thinking.  Sometimes I might provide new information or a different way of looking at things.  Mostly, though, my blogging is for me.  It makes a difference to me.  It’s a form of journaling and communicating. It helps me work through my ideas and thoughts.  It helps me solidify my thinking. 

We don’t have the opportunity to sit down and discuss all our thoughts and opinions with our loved ones.  When I’m long gone, there will still be THE MEDIAN SIB floating around in cyberspace with my words there for my children and grandchildren to read, if they’re so inclined.  Thus, it is also a way of documenting my life.

Greta, at Hooah Wife and Friends wrote this:

“We are all stumbling through life, just some of us do it on a blog, out loud, for the world to read.” ~Greta~


 Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy also talks about how the world needs more Sparkle.

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11 Responses to “To Blog or not to Blog? That is the Question!”

  1. Greta Says:

    Hooah girl! Keep blogging!

  2. Jane Says:

    I, for one, am glad you are blogging. I love to read what you write and keeping up with your nuclear family. I don’t get to see you often so it is great to feel a connection.
    Keep on bloggin’!

  3. annulla Says:

    I’ve just found your blog and haven’t yet read enough to know whether or not we agree with each other politically or philosophically. However, I’ve read enough to know that you are intelligent and thoughtful, and people who think need to make their presence known in the world. Keep on blogging.

  4. carol Says:

    Greta and Jane – thanks for stopping by and commenting. You ROCK!
    Annulla – thanks for your comment – and it doesn’t matter if we agree politically or philosphically! I’m glad you stopped by and took the time to comment. I LOVE comments! -)

  5. FIAR Says:

    I think that if you’re blogging because you think you’re going to change the world, then it is pointless, but if you do it because it’s fun, then there’s nothing pointless about it at all.

    My default category is “Pointless Nonsense.” The content of my blog is essentially pointless, but it’s fun. It’s a funny paradox.

    If you blog about nothing, but it’s fun, then it serves a purpose. If you think you’re on some sort of mission to change politics, then it’s meaningless, unless it’s fun to try.

    Anyhoo, there’s one and only one reason to blog, and that’s because it’s fun. If it’s not fun – quit.

  6. SecondTwin Says:

    Keep it up your blogs are very interesting, informative and very educational. I can empathize with you, RT and Jake, but that puppy stuff eventually goes away. I have 2 dogs and they both went through the housebreaking torturing everyone around.
    He is a cute pup, I met a man that had the British Labourdor they are the perfect size.
    Keep sparkling *************

  7. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

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  8. William Teach Says:

    You know what? Just keep doing what YOU want to do, Carol. If it makes you happy, write it. If not, don’t. One of the biggest mistakes I see in the blogosphere is people not writing what they are really interested in, but what generates traffic.

    Sure, we all do that to some degree, from Michelle Malkin down to the tiniest blog in the Ecosphere. But, some do it all the time. Take a look at the lefty blogs. They are all clones of Kos.

    So, you do what you want, and don’t worry about anyone else. That’s why I have you on my RSS.

  9. carol Says:

    Thanks, William! That’s one of the nicest comments! I sure don’t think I’ll change the world via blogging. I enjoy it, though – most of the time. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I TRULY appreciate it.

  10. William Teach Says:

    You are quite welcome, and I meant every word. You just keep on keepin’ on and doing your thang )

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