I should have knocked on wood yesterday afternoon when I declared to my son and daughter-in-law that Jake (our new puppy) had been PERFECT.  We hadn’t lost a second of sleep because of new puppy whimpering.  We hadn’t had a single mess to clean up.  He’s six months old, and I foresaw housetraining as a breeze.

Soon after uttering those words, RT and I went out to eat with Joey and Meleah – leaving Jake in his crate in our bedroom.  We got home a couple hours later.  I walked into the house and knew instantly that our streak of puppy luck had run out.  The house REEKED of doggy poop.  I had walked into the house via the side door, and Jake was in his crate in the back of the house – a LONG way away, and yet even from that distance, there was no mistaking what had occurred.  The odor was so strong I was afraid that perhaps he had gotten out of the crate and managed to spread “mayhem” throughout the house.  Fortunately, he had remained in the crate.  So at least the damage was semi-contained.

RT took Jake, the crate and the new bed and puppy toys (which had been in the crate) outside.  It took over an hour to undo the worst of the damage.  Apparently the “accident” occurred soon after we left because Jake had had time to thoroughly stomp it everywhere – knocking bits and pieces on the carpet outside the crate and working it well into his new bed and over his toys.  RT scrubbed the crate.  The new bed is still sitting outside.  I don’t want to waste the $20+ we spent on the bed, but then again, the idea of putting it into the washing machine is more than I can stomach.  The toys will be thrown away.  RT put Jake in the jacuzzi and gave him a good bath.  My mother will say, “Carol, the jacuzzi can be cleaned!”  And that’s true.  Still, I will never use that jacuzzi again.  When we build the new house, we’ll have a tub in the barn for animal needs.

While RT cleaned up Jake and the crate, I cleaned up the carpet in the bedroom.  I picked up the pieces of poop that Jake had knocked out of the crate and onto the carpet, scrubbed the carpet with cleanser and then sprinkled baking soda over it to TRY to get rid of some of the odor, and then turned the AC to below 65 degrees in order to get the air circulating more.  Despite all that, I still smelled dog poop all night long.  Even now, I get a whiff of dog poop every now and then.  I wonder if it’s real or simply phantom poop smells?

RT insists that it’s HIS fault – that he should have given Jake more time after eating to take care of business before we left.  Live and learn, I guess.  In our almost 3 days of owning Jake, RT says that he has figured out Jake’s schedule of elimination.  According to RT, Jake does #1, then #2A, #2B, and #2C. Don’t even ask me what he means by that! He tells me we were lucky last night because Jake only did #2A in the crate.  He did #2B & #2C when RT walked him later.

Today Jake’s having a great day, though.  RT took him to work with him, and Jake sat at his feet during a two-hour meeting.  Then RT took him to the vet to get a check-up and all the needed shots.  The vet said that Jake would probably be around 50 pounds when he is fully grown.  He is 34 pounds right now.  RT and Jake came home for lunch – which I fixed since I’m on fall break.  RT insists that Jake will go with him to work each day.  I guess that’s the advantage of owning his own business.  There’s no one to tell him he can’t bring his dog to work.  I wonder how long that will last?  RT loves Jake so much, it could very well be a permanent thing.  And that’s not a bad thing.  

I still have high hopes for Jake.  However, there will be a pad under the crate from now on.  Here’s a photo of Jake and Ron on the airplane yesterday.



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3 Responses to “Jake’s Fall From Grace”

  1. Terry Says:

    Carol, you and Jake provided several deep belly laughs to Sheila and me! I read it all by my lonesome and laughed out loud at “…I will never use that jacuzzi again.” And again at “…Jake only did #2A in the crate.” I feel so foolish when I laugh out loud in an empty house! Then later I got to watch Sheila’s face as she read it and guffawed at the exact locations! And then we both had tears in our eyes as I typed this comment! Sheila says Daisy also has 2A,B & C. And I fully appreciate your attitude toward the jacuzzi. I love second hand stores, but you can be sure I will never, now, buy a used jacuzzi!

  2. Larisa Says:

    Hey Mom

    We enjoyed meeting Jake today. When we were leaving Sunshine said, “I love Jake” and Sweet Stuff said “I love Jake too”, so SH said to them “Maybe in a year or so we could get a dog like Jake”. Sunshine said “Well, we have Bogey and I love him so much”. SH says “I know but we could get him a friend”. Sunshine says “We will have to ask Bogey,he would have to want a Jake Dog, because Bogey is our dog”. It was so cute. It was so obvious they loved Jake, but wanted to make sure Bogey would like a dog before they wanted their own. Anyway, Sweet Stuff reminded Sunshine we could babysit Jake sometime and then they could see if Bogey liked that kind of dog. Mind you we aren’t really serious about getting one, but I thought it was cute.

  3. Jane Says:

    Carol, that story made me laugh. I will never forget our early days with Smokie the wonder dog! He was in a crate in our sunroom (tile floors, thank goodness!). He had a few accidents before he got the hang of doing his business outside! We got him when he was two months old and he learned fairly quickly!

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