When I told my daughter about how good Jake had been this past weekend, she said that her husband always says the first three days with a new puppy are like a “honeymoon” and the dog shows his/her true colors after that.  Of course I didn’t believe that!

Remember how I wrote that Jake barked/cried for about ten minutes the first night.  After that ten minutes of fussing, he went to sleep and slept straight through the night.  The second night he didn’t bark at all.  The third night he was exhausted from his “accident in the crate” experience (see previous post).  And once we had him, the crate and the carpet cleaned from that, he slept well all night.  So last night was his fourth night with us.  Note the number.  Four is the number AFTER three.  He got through the 3-day honeymoon.  Then came last night.

Last night, he barked/cried straight through until 4:00 this morning.  Around 11:00 p.m. I moved to the sofa in the family room – wrapped up in my down comforter.  I could still hear the noise but it was muffled in the distance.  I woke up around 2:00 a.m. and decided to go to the bed in the guest room.  Guess who was already there?  RT.  So RT and I slept in the guest room – with the door closed.  Jake slept  -no – I take that back – he “spent the night”- in his crate in our bedroom – with the door closed.  The two closed doors did little to quiet the noise he made.

Three days ago RT told me that he planned to never raise his voice with Jake.  He was going to train him with quiet authority and gentleness.  Ahem!  That idea went out the window last night around midnight.

  This morning, after a night of virtually no sleep, RT has a different take on how to train Jake.  One victory is that we didn’t give in and take him out of the crate.  He has to learn that’s where he sleeps – at least until the house-training aspect is completely in place.

I told RT that we had things backwards last night.  Jake was in our bedroom, and we had fled to other parts of the house.  Tonight, RT and I will be back in our own bed, and Jake will be in his crate in the other end of the house.

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  1. ANO Says:

    Does he have a stuffed animal in the crate with him? Sometimes the thought of “someone else” being with the puppy can help ease into sleep. Some people recommend a ticking alarm clock as well since it sounds like the heart beat of the mother.

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