When I see and hear what train wrecks the two last Democratic nominees for President have become, it makes me realize yet again that God was indeed watching out for American in the 2000 and 2004 elections.

It has been amusing listening to all the democrats try to explain away what Kerry said.  They’re trying to convince people that he DIDN’T mean what he very clearly said, and that, as a veteran himself, he would never insult our military men and women.  The fact is, though, he did.  Of course his own actions after returning from service showed his lack of respect for the military and for our service personnel.  So his words don’t come as a big surprise – except I thought his “handlers” would have managed him a little better.

This is a man who is supposed to be an accomplished speaker.  There was no botched joke.  Mr. Kerry – from his holier-than-thou-perch – thought he could get away with slamming the military because he was speaking to a bunch of Democrats.  I guess he thought he was safe with his fellow Democratic snobs.

He’s taking the right track now, though.  There is no way that an apology would ever make up for what he said, and who would believe it anyway?  The only thing he’s sorry about is that his remarks caused such a furor.  The only way to fight it is to take the offense and try to make the die-hard democrats believe it was a botched joke – something that apparently isn’t very difficult.  That anyone could fall for that is amazing – but not surprising.  I’ve never seen such lemmings in my life.

Put Kerry with Al “Do as I say, not as I do” Gore with Bill “No morals whatsoever” Clinton, and you have the three stooges – just not as funny as the originals.

Thank God that George Bush is our president.

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16 Responses to “John Kerry, Al Gore – God Was Sure Watching Out For America in 2000 and 2004”

  1. Jane Says:

    I absolutely LOVE your Three Stooges analogy. It perfectly describes them all.
    It was obvious that Kerry’s comments were not taken out of context (as some of the pundits claimed) because you could hear the gasps from many in the audience. He is an arrogant, snobbish man and he doesn’t even TRY to hide it.

  2. Terry Says:

    What John Kerry said is that if one doesn’t study hard and pay attention, and somehow grows up to be president, he might stumble into unpleasantries (like exaggerating the nation into a preemptive quagmire.) He simply muffed a stupid little off-the-cuff zinger at Bush. There is NO evidence to think that John Kerry believes soldiers are uneducated and stupid. There is NOTHING in his past to indicate that he would say such a thing.

    Republicans are clutching at straws, trying to find SOMETHING that will float to keep their heads above the quicksand Bush has marched them into.

  3. carol Says:

    Funny – I listened to his comments several times, and I never heard the words “somehow grows up to be president” mentioned. Never even heard the word “president” mentioned during that so-called botched joke. Democrats are clutching at straws trying to find SOMETHING that will explain away Kerry’s disdain for our soldiers. Considering Kerry’s past behavior, there is plenty of evidence to think he is anti-military.

    And even if he had been a true blue patriot up to this point, he said what he said. It’s smart of him to try to explain it away as a botched joke – and of course democrats will support him on that explanation – but I doubt if any who listened to what he actually said really believe it.

  4. Beth Says:

    Terry, is it SO hard for you to believe that John Kerry is in fact the arrogant elitist jackass everyone knows he is? I mean, maybe you wouldn’t have said such a thing or meant such a thing, but you aren’t John Kerry.

    There are so “straws” for us to clutch, Terry. It’s actually “progressives” (talk about a misnomer!) who are clutching at straws in a desperate attempt to save face. I know it’s hard for an illiberal leftist to accept reality at times, convinced as you likely are that your side is all sweetness and light, while conservatives/Republicans are all black-hearted and cynical, but the truth is that there are a lot of your ilk who really DO have a very negative view of the military (and yes, America). I know; I was in the military and experienced negativity from leftards first-hand, and that was during PEACETIME. If there’s one group of military you’d think would be left in peace by the angry left, it’s an Air Force woman with an office job. HA! Hell no. Your side DOES think 1) we’re all too stupid or poor to go to college (as if college is as much a given as breathing), 2) we’re all brainwashed if we joined voluntarily, and 3) that there’s a huge semi-secret underground of liberal military men and women who are the only smart ones in uniform. ALL counts are laughable.

    If you really think that was a “botched joke,” you need to get out more often, and stop listening to pathetic spin. You guys must REALLY think we’re stupid, if you think we buy that ridiculous lie. But then, we knew y’all did anyway.

    Guess that’s why people like Jean-Francois and Algore can’t win, isn’t it? We dumb people in flyover country just don’t git thair way of talkin’, right?


  5. Terry Says:

    Well, John Kerry’s a big boy. With today’s gotcha politics he should be more careful with his words. Have fun girls. But I suspect, in your hearts, you know that, though he disagrees with you, he still loves his country, as you do, and honors its soldiers, as you do. One of the mistakes of George Bush is that he has so drastically divided the country that folks on the Bush end of the spectrum will not even accept that their opponents possess basic patriotism. You either agree with them or you are not just mistaken but “anti-American”. Yes, Kerry was blasting the president. There is no way he was blasting soldiers. He’s never done that and would never do that. Period. So I disagree with you, Beth and Carol, again.

  6. Greta (Hooah Wife) Says:

    It would be an educated guess on my part Terry, but I bet you never served in the military. I also guess you have never married a soldier or are the parent of one. Stop for one moment rambling about your Republican/GWB is bad chants and look at what Kerry said. Then maybe, you will feel the anger from those in or surrounded by the military.

  7. carol Says:

    By the way, Terry – I hope you noticed that the “Beth” who commented above is not the Beth you probably think it is.

    George Bush isn’t the one who has divided the country. That has been done by the Democrats who would rather play partisan politics because of their temper tantrum over losing the last two elections than do what’s best for the country.

    John Kerry meant exactly what he said, and he’s laughing up his sleeve at you boys who believe his “botched joke” line.

  8. Beth Says:

    There is no way he was blasting soldiers. He’s never done that and would never do that.

    My jaw just dropped. Ever hear of Winter Soldier? His entire career in politics is based on his attack on the military.

    I would like to talk on behalf of all those veterans and say that several months ago in Detroit we had an investigation at which over 150 honorably discharged, and many very highly decorated, veterans testified to war crimes committed in Southeast Asia. These were not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command. It is impossible to describe to you exactly what did happen in Detroit – the emotions in the room and the feelings of the men who were reliving their experiences in Vietnam. They relived the absolute horror of what this country, in a sense, made them do.

    They told stories that at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Ghengis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.

    We call this investigation the Winter Soldier Investigation.

    John Kerry, testifying before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, April 22, 1971

    You know, Terry, as much as the left likes to co-opt the term “swiftboating,” the Swift Boat Veterans were RIGHT. It’s the media and the left (interchangeable for the most part) who memed them to death, saying they were “discredited.”

    Where’s Kerry’s 180? Why can’t we find out what his discharge status was? Why is it only a handful of men who served with him back him up, unlike all the others who speak of him otherwise? And isn’t his Congressional testimony, which was bullshyte, enough to make you see he has no problem speaking negatively about the military? You know, he’s one of those who thinks that because he spent four months in Vietnam that he gets to say whatever he wants about the military for the rest of his life. I know the type, “hey, I served, I can say that.” B.S.!

    He is a disgrace and has no honor. He is not fit to serve as County Dog Catcher, much less the US Senate or, God forbid, the Presidency. He should RESIGN, even if he hadn’t had this latest bout with rectal oration. And frankly, Terry, you do yourself no favors by continuing to defend this heinously dishonorable, pathetic, arrogant excuse for a man. Even others in his party are blasting him for inappropriateness; only the extremist amateurs on the internet are continuing to try to push the lame spin.

    Beth (bamapachyderm.com)

  9. Darleen Says:


    Did you notice the “gasps” in the audience at Jean Clod Kerry’s little “zinger”? Those college students had the smarts to know exactly what he was saying.

    And your little exercise in straw dancing doesn’t even make sense. President Bush was a better student, gpa and sats, then Kerry… so the “education” line was definitely aimed at the US military.

    The Left is entirely suspicious and contemptuous of members of the US military. Kerry is their standard bearer and he hasn’t been a military supporter for over 30 years.

    BTW…I’m no “girl” Terry. I’m a 52 year old woman … wife, mother, grandmother.

    But I realize, “progressives” are allowed to be as dismissive of women as they are of gays, blacks and other minorities that wander off the Left plantation.

  10. KauaiMark Says:

    My original impression of John Kerry continues to be validated…

  11. jane Says:

    Kerry is a dweeb.

  12. Beth Says:

    Darleen, i r a girl vetoran 40 yrs’s old and jon carry need’s to halp us!!!!


  13. Doug!as Says:

    I’m a registered Independent, so I watch with amusement when the far left and the far right point fingers at each other, but I have to weigh in here with Carol on this issue. If these guys are the best the Democrats can offer as the elite and educated, then the Democrats aren’t going to fare very well this election.

    Kerry was talking to students about education. Democrat students. He knows how to work his audience. His comment was meant to make them feel elitist. It worked. The only problem was that Kerry hasn’t adjusted to the 21st century. Nothing he says is private anymore. It’s all disseminated on the internet within moments. So he says one thing to one group, an opposite thing to another group, all with the purpose of energizing the group he is talking to. Unfortunately, much of what he says contradicts in embarrassing ways.

    Forget partisanship. I am frankly surprised that NOBODY has pointed out to him the way in which he puts his foot in his mouth all the time. Maybe they do, but he goes off the cuff too much. At any rate, to watch him first defend his comments with insults, then water his comments down to try to explain himself, then to say it was a botched joke, was all rather pathetic.

    Even more pathetic are the poor souls who defend him in his ignorance. Kerry just isn’t a very good leader. There are other democrats who would do a better job. I just don’t understand it. But then, I’m not a democrat.

    I’m not so thrilled with Pres. Bush, but I’m very glad he’s not Pres. Kerry.

    The Splintered Mind – Overcoming Neurological Disabilities With Lots Of Humor And Attitude

  14. Attila Girl Says:

    I don’t agree with either side: I don’t think it was completely evident that Kerry meant it one way or the other. I will admit that it took me a full day to imagine how he might have meant it as a joke about Bush, and I still think of that as a somewhat theoretical possibility.

    The fact is, he is a United States Senator, and he should know how to express himself better than that. And if he leaves out an important word–or an important sentence–he should apologize without having to go on a diatribe about others’ misdeeds.

    Because irrespective of what he might have meant, what he said was f’d up.

  15. JR Renolyes Says:

    Liberal dummys, they talk, they talk, they still do nothing.
    Or pass laws to take your freedoms away.

    You can’t say that, you’ll hurt there feelings, pass a law, outlaw it. make americans criminals. Liberals

  16. Rick Says:

    Kerry and Algore would have “negotiated” with Osama and Saddam.They are both stupid,liberal cowards.Sorry.That’s a triple oxymoron.Liberal,coward,and stupid are the same.You might add traitor.

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