RT and I took Sweet Stuff and Sunshine shopping last night in order to fill a Thanksgiving basket for a family in need.  I left immediately after work to pick them up from daycare, and then we met RT at Chick Filet for dinner (the girls choice).  The food was horrible, and after “eating” (which I put in quotation marks because they really ate very little), the girls played in the indoor play area.  Big mistake.  For about fifteen minutes, they had a grand time.  Then Sweet Stuff hurt her elbow.  Of course she hurt her elbow when they were on the very top of the play area at that time – which (shame on Chick Filet!) is totally out of sight of anyone on the floor.  I couldn’t see her,and all ll I could hear was a pitiful voice crying, “I want my Grandma Carol.”

I MUST boast that I did START up to get her, but I quickly realized that the play equipment was not meant for 57-year old grandmothers.  The only way up was through a child-size labyrinth of ledges and tunnels – which I was not at all sure I could navigate.  I could envision the evening news filming a rescue crew as they worked to un-stick me.  Luckily, a junior high girl named Olivia came to the rescue and climbed up for me and helped Sweet Stuff down.  All was well quickly although Sweet Stuff declared she would NEVER play on the Chick Filet playground again.  Just as well, I don’t plan to ever eat there again.  Did I mention the food was terrible and part of the play equipment was not visible?

Then it was off to shop.  Oh.  My. Goodness.  There is a reason that young women are the ones who have babies.  Shopping with Sweet Stuff and Sunshine was fun, but tiring.   Three and five years old girls have strong opinions about exactly which products should go into a Thanksgiving basket, and each of them knew which products they wanted to add to the shopping cart.

RT and I were exhausted by the time we took them home an hour or so later.  We actually got to their house a little before their mama and daddy got home from eating out.  (Were we just a tad eager to say good night?)  So we waited in the car.  I mistakenly (as it turned out) told them they could get out of their car seats and climb up in the front seat with me as we waited in the parked card in the driveway.  As Sunshine climbed over the seat, she knocked over my diet coke which was safely (I thought) sitting in the cupholder next to me – spilling a full 16-ounce cup of diet coke onto the front leather seats where it collected nicely – ice and all.  Luckily I had a t-shirt in my gym bag in the trunk – and I used that to clean it up.

I have to admit, though, that  before thinking of the t-shirt and getting it cleaned up, I said a very un-grandmotherly word when I first saw the diet coke pooled on the seats and dripping onto the carpet.  I apologized profusely (which probably made them remember it even more), and I felt plenty of guilt for my fall from being a good role model. 

I just hope Sweet Stuff doesn’t imitate Grandma Carol the next time she gets upset about something at school.  As a teacher, I know how teachers can tsk tsk tsk and murmur “Where did that child learn such language?!” when students say such things at school.  And of course Sweet Stuff would tell them she learned that word from Grandma Carol who just happens to be a teacher in that same school system.  Ughhhhhhhhhhh!

So, our good deed shopping was done and I returned home – hit the bed and slept wonderfully until Jake  (here, here, here and here) started his uniquely multi-tonal, intermittent mid-night howling. 

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6 Responses to ““Thanksgiving Basket” shopping with the Grandgirls: There is a reason YOUNG woman are the ones who have babies!”

  1. c.a. Marks Says:

    Well, Grandma Carol sounds like (me) Momma Carol with my own two children. I swear that could be a day in the life of Alabama Improper! Only my kids are now 10 and 11. People lied to me in earlier years when they would looked me dead in the eye and said, “oh honey, it’ll get better.”

    Liars! Every single one of ’em.

    Heh. I’m just hammin’ it up.

  2. carol Says:

    Actually it DOES get better, but not till the kids hit 17 or 18 – and sometimes longer. I remember the first time since early childhood that my daughter went out of her way to introduce me to some new friends…. as though I were actually human again. I think that was when she was a senior in high school. My two kids are adults now (28 and 31) and they are still the lights of my life.

  3. Ruth Says:

    First…I have to say the Chic Filet here is the best food in our city of many great restaurants. But the play equipment incident must have been a scary experience. It is true that those with the stamina of youth are the ones to raise children. How sad that when we become wise enough…our energy is depleted.

  4. carol Says:

    Not sure I’m in the “wise enough” category yet – but I’m working on it! -)

  5. Mamacita Says:

    My children are 26 and 28 and nary a grandchild in sight. This is just as well as neither of them are married and I’m old-fashioned that way, but if you wouldn’t mind dropping a hint or two at my daughter’s blog. . . . my energy level is fading fast and I want to plan a wedding and meddle in another and spoil some grandchildren absolutely rotten before I die! (Revenge is sweet. . . .)

  6. The Education Wonks: November 2006 - Thoughts And Ideas Freely Exchanged Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[…] all the hubbub of Thanksgiving now in full swing, Carol of The Median Sib gives us a good reminder of why it is exactly that YOUNG women are the ones who are best suited to have babies and keep up […]

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