True Story.  This happened recently in a first grade class taught by my niece who lives in another state.

They had been studying farms, and that day’s focus had been pigs.  They had read stories about pigs, they had drawn pictures of pigs, they had learned about products that come from pigs, and each child had written three sentences about pigs.

Later, as the class walked to lunch, Derek, a little boy with significant learning challenges, remarked to the teacher, “Mrs. Smith, I drew a cow!”

Mrs. Smith thought,  “We’ve been talking about pigs, but you drew a picture of a cow.  That’s just about par for the course.”  She smiled warmyly at him and said, “That’s great, Derek.  Tell me about your picture.”

With great enthusiasm, Derek said, “I drew a cow with a head and some spots, and. . . and . . . “  His little face frowned with thought as he searched for the right words.  Using a frantic circular motion with his hands he indicated his nether regions and said, “You know – I have one; cows have many!”

I just wonder about what’s going through his mind when he drinks milk.

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3 Responses to “Cows Have Many!”

  1. Mushy Says:

    That is a very nice story…just like a kid…especially a little boy.

  2. Jane Says:

    How in the world did she keep a straight face!!
    I love the way children’s mind work. Hopefully Derek will soon understand the difference between cows and pigs as well as “the many”!!

  3. beth Says:

    hahahhahahahaha That’s hilarious!

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