On September 5th, I remarried R.T.  We had been married for 28 years and divorced for 9 years.  There are lots of positive things about remarrying my ex-husband.  Here are thirteen:

1. We have a shared history.
2. RT was my first and only true love. I love the man.
3. The kids don’t have to split up their holidays to accommodate visiting us separately.
4. The grandkids can visit us both at the same time.
5. It’s fun doing things with RT. We laugh a lot when we’re together. He has a funny sense of humor.
6. RT knows me better than anyone else in the world – and loves me anyway.
7. He’s the only person I’d want to grow old with.
8. He makes me feel young – even though he calls me “Grandma Carol” all the time. He loves the way the grandgirls say “Grandma Carol” and he tries to imitate them. It’s endearing . . .well except that in Alaska he referred to me by that name so much that one of the fishing guides started calling me “Grandma Carol” which was pushing it just a little too far!
9. I KNOW he’s as crazy about the grandkids as I am.
10. He’s a “get-it-done” person. The man can get more accomplished in one day than anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s the ultimate multi-tasker.
11. We share the same spiritual/religious background – we both grew up in the same church (United Methodist).
12. We have similar tastes in just about everything – recreation, food, furniture, to name three.
13. He’s still very romantic. I love cuddling with him.

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33 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen – 37th Edition – 13 Reasons I’m Glad I Re-Married R.T.”

  1. Jane Says:

    Carol, what a sweet list. I am so glad that you and RT found your way back to each other. It’s a wonderful thing.
    My T13 will be up momentarily.

  2. Virginia Says:

    That is so awesome!!!

  3. Southern Girl Says:

    That’s a beautiful list! I’m so happy for you that you and your hubby were able to put your home and marriage back together again. Congratulations!

    Happy TT! )

  4. Janet Says:

    Congratulations! I hope it lasts forever and a day -)

  5. Anonymous Teacher Says:

    This is a lovely list. I love love stories that end like this…sort of a When Harry Met Sally kind of thing.

  6. Jen Says:

    What a great list…thanks for sharing.
    Happy TT!!

  7. Laquet Says:

    So are you calling him my his grandad name in public too??
    A lovely list … long may you continue adding to it!

  8. Frances Says:

    Reading your list warmed my heart.
    May you have a long happy life together.
    Take care,

  9. Kelli Says:

    Sounds like you are one lucky person! Happy TT!

  10. Skittles Says:

    Here’s to many happy years together!

  11. Jennie Says:

    What a lovely list! I really enjoyed reading it.

  12. Michelle Says:

    Wow, sounds like you have plenty more interesting things to post about with a history like that. Hope you have 28 more happy years together.

  13. KarenW Says:

    Congratulations! I enjoyed reading your list.

  14. Norma Says:

    I love happy stories–especially yours. I know several couples who have remarried after being divorced a number of years. I wish you both and your family the best.

    My TT is up.

  15. Lyn Says:

    Very sweet. It’s nice to have RT back at family get-togethers, too.

  16. Tink Says:

    Congratulations on the wedding. I hope you’ll get everything you want out of it. Happy marriage!
    My TT is about Sinterklaas.

  17. Mikala Says:

    Now that is an interesting list. I love it!


  18. Karri Says:

    Wonderful list, thank you for posting it!

    Happy TT )

  19. Suni Says:

    From that list it would be hard to figure out how you ever fell apart to start with…It’s so awesome that you guys are back together. A man that can multi-task? WHOA…only in Alaska LMBO

  20. Stephanie Says:

    What a great list… and congrats on the renewed union.

  21. Barbara H. Says:

    Very sweet!!

  22. beth Says:

    I’m so happy for you )

  23. Sparky Says:

    what a nice little list

  24. MIke Says:

    A good post. Happy TT.

  25. Racy Li Says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful list!

  26. Nancy Says:

    He sounds like a great guy. And, that note! Holy cow makes me melt. What number will you use for anniversaries? One? 29?

  27. Melessa Says:

    Congratulations on your (re)marriage! What a wonderful list!

  28. Lori Says:

    Well, go team! Good for y’all!

  29. Leanne Says:

    I think it says a lot about your ability to forgive and accept a person for who they are. Congratulations on a successful second go-round! (I’m a twicer, too!)

  30. JSC Says:

    Wonderful tribute to two people who are willing to put things back together to form a “more perfect union.” I admire you both and am inspired by the fact that you could work together on your difference and forgive and forget. What a team and what a model for your children and others who see what you have accomplished! I am so proud of you!

  31. Charlotte Says:

    What a beautiful list! )

  32. elementaryhistoryteacher Says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your husband.

    My list involves things I remember from growing up in the 1970s.

  33. Fride Says:

    I am so very happy for you.My ex abd I have been apart for almost ten years now and I miss our family relationship terribly. I would give anything to have it back again and to relive some of the days that we had together as a family. He is too stubborn to forget the past and move on. I commend you for being able to make it together.How can I get my family back together? Do you have any tips for me?

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