RT and I got tickets last June for last night’s performance of THE LION KING at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. It’s the last weekend of the show’s run.

We started out the evening by eating dinner at Bonefish Grill. My tilapia was great. RT’s rainbow trout was not so good, and we had to send it back. The “bang bang shrimp” appetizer, though, was absolutely delicious! So dinner was about par for the course. It’s always a crap shoot when you eat out. Even the best restaurants are usually mediocre at best. After dinner, we were off to the theater.

We had fairly good seats, but as we approached our row, I knew we were in trouble. Our two seats were open, but on one side was a VERY large man. He spilled over from his seat into about half of what would be my seat. I’m definitely not skinny, but I don’t take up more than my one seat’s worth. However, I DO need my complete seat. I didn’t have half to share with a brawny stranger. However, it wasn’t a matter of sharing. He had already laid claim to the space.

After we sat down, and I slid over as close to RT’s seat as I could, I realized that the guy’s arm was still mashed up against the side of my chest, and I could feel every muscle flinch of his leg. His legs were so big that he had to sit with his knees wide apart. We were basically touching from shoulder to knee. It was way too much familiarity for me – bordering on obscene. Mr. Brawny was there with his girlfriend – they were holding hands and were engaged in a lively discussion up until the show started. Perhaps during the show he’d lean her way.

I asked RT to please see if there were two other seats available anywhere – even the top row of the balcony would be better than unwillingly cuddling with Mr. Brawny the entire evening. There was one seat available, and the ushers said they’d put a chair beside that seat if we wanted it. I decided to stay put and wait and see if things got any better after the show started.

At about this point, RT leaned over to the very skinny teenager sitting on his other side and remarked, “Thank God you’re skinny.”

The opening of THE LION KING was spectacular.

I would probably have enjoyed the show much more if I hadn’t been so constantly aware of Mr. Brawny’s every move. It just didn’t feel right to be so intimately smashed against someone I didn’t know. Things did get better during the show as he tried to shift toward his girlfriend. However, they were a well-matched pair because she was also taking up more than her allotted seat space. So there was not much room in which to maneuver. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the show.

Towards the end, when the ballet dancers came out, RT started shaking with laugher. Male ballet dancers do that to him. That got me started, and we both were just about in tears from laughing and working to be quiet about it.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening. Definitely not worth the $170+ we paid for the tickets or the $50+ we paid for the meal. You just never can tell. Sometimes shows can take your breath away for all the right reasons – and sometimes you have to sit next to a Mr. Brawny.

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4 Responses to “The Lion King – Broadway Musical – Skinny seatmates wanted”

  1. Ruth Says:

    I love reading your very talented writings.
    Is the Lion King movie out in DVD.

  2. carol Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Ruth. “The Lion King” is a Disney movie – a cartoon that I think is absolutely excellent. I have two copies of it. Unfortunately they’re packed away in storage rooms until after we finish building our house. So it’ll be months before I can get to them again. I think the grandgirls would enjoy watching the movie.

  3. Debi Lewis Says:

    I am so sorry your evening was marred by the XXL fellow. That would be miserable to me, too. Shouldn’t there be some allowance for very large people in theaters or planes? They cannot be comfortable squeezed into “medium sized” seats, when they know they are “plus sized” people. And certainly the people seated next to them cannot be comfortable.

  4. Joey Says:

    Good review of the Lion King, i’ll mark that one off the list. The Bonefish is usually good, but you are right it’s always a gamble as to whether the food will be good!

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