After over 25 years of teaching, I still enjoy experiencing fresh examples of the insight and compassion of children.  I found that to be the case when the children at my elementary school wrote letters to soldiers serving overseas. 

Since I have a nephew who is serving in Iraq, some of the letters were given to me to send to him to share with his unit.  Here is a small sampling of the drawings and letters that I’ll be shipping to my nephew tomorrow:

I will start off with the card that should win an award somewhere!  This child gets it – because of our American soldiers there IS still hope in the world.

The following are pictures and exerpts of letters from children from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Dear Soldier,

Happy holidays.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.  I feel very bad that you have to be in the war during the holiday, but the one thing we’re all happy about is that you’re fighting for our country.

Dear Soldier,

I dedicate this letter to you because you are fighting for the U.S.A.  Is it hot in Iraq?  I do thank you for keeping us little kids safe.  I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Dear Soldier,

Merry Christmas to you.  Thank you for serving our country.  You are so brave for going across the ocean.  I am so proud of you.

Dear Soldier,

How is it going?  You know if I was there I would be scared.  I’m sure I would miss my family and friends, but you are doing the right thing.  You’re saving a lot of people.  You people rock!  I hope you have a wonderful merry Christmas.

Dear Soldier,

I am in second grade and I live in Tennessee. I like how you are fighting for me and my family.  You and your buddies should get to come home when Christmas comes.You are brave to go out and fight.  All of you are real brave.  I like you.

Dear Soldier,

I wish you could spend the holidays with your family.  I appreciate your dedication to serving our country and fighting for our freedom.  Our whole class of 25 students is writing letters.  I’m the only one who wrote two.  I know you don’t want to be there right now.  I hope you come back in one piece.

Dear Soldier,

I like the army.  I almost read all of the army books.  We just moved here a week ago.  The old school I went to ws good, but this school is better.  We are glad you are doing this.  Thanks for making the world a better place.  I know I want to join the army.  I had fun writing this letter and I will write another.

Dear Soldier,

I appreciate what you have done for our country.  I have written a poem especially for  you.

Heroic, brave

Fight, protect, guard

Thank you for everything



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34 Responses to “From Tennessee Children to our Soldiers in Iraq: There is still hope in the world!”

  1. Lurking Says:

    links from TechnoratiI had fun writing this letter and I will write another. Dear Soldier, I appreciate what you have done for our country. I have written a poem especially for you. Heroic, brave Fight, protect, guard Thank you for everything Fighter the Link:

  2. beth Says:

    That is fantastic!! The Soldiers will love the letters and cards Im sure.

  3. Joan Says:

    Wonderful! These are absolutely precious!

  4. beth Says:

    Actually, I have have to say that those brought tears to my eyes. Weird, I know. But they did.

  5. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    Dear Soldier Santa Claus Will Come to You!…

    Carol at The Median Sib has some examples of Christmas notes written to our Soldiers from elementary school children.
    The children in her school wrote the letters.
    I will start off with the card that should win an award somewhere! This child gets it -…

  6. carol Says:

    Joan, I think they’re precious, too.
    They brought tears to my eyes, Beth. And I have over 140 letters and pictures altogether. There were many more that were equally touching. It was difficult to select just a few.

  7. Right Truth Says:

    KKK Member David Duke Attended Iran’s Holocaust Conference…

    Former U.S. Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke attended Iran’s Holocaust conference. Iran banned any dissenting voices from Holocaust conference by not issuing visas to those folks. I’m sure they were more than happy to have Mr. Duke in attendance….

  8. Semper Fi Mom Says:

    The letters are so sweet! They brought tears to my eyes as well. We sent over a hundred letters from local chidren in the carepacks that we mailed out a few weeks ago. They made all of us moms cry. Knowing that these kids appreciate what our kids are doing is a huge morale booster to us, and I’m sure it will be to our Marines and Soldiers too.

    Carol:  Thanks, Semper Fi Mom.  I think there is just something about the words of children – the open honesty and emotions – that bring tears to our eyes.  I know our soldiers will appreciate their expression of admiration and love.

  9. patty Says:

    Children are our hope.
    Thank God they have innocent loving hearts.
    (“·.¸(“·.¸ ¸.·`´)¸.·`´)
    God Blessed Week
    «´¨`·.¸¸. Patty .¸¸.·´¨`»
    (¸.·`´(¸.·`´ “·.¸)“·.¸)

    Carol:  Thanks for commenting, Patty.  I pray the each child can maintain those innocent hearts for a long, long time.

  10. Ruth Says:

    This post is one that is too precious for any feeble words of mine. I read it with tears of thanksgiving for my middle child who gave the opportunity to the children. When i think of all the teachers who can only trash everything about America, especially in our colleges. Thank you Median Sib! God bless these children! God bless out soldiers! God bless America! God bless President George W. Bush! God wake up Americans who are so blinded by hate of our president they cannot see the enemy at our doorstep.

    Carol:  Thanks, Ruth.  I wish I could take credit for giving the children the opportunity to write the letters.  However, it was a schoolwide project.  The letters were divided into three stacks – with almost 150 letters per stack.  They went to three teachers who each have a relative or friend in the military.  Each of us will send our stacks to our loved one to distribute to the soldiers in his/her unit.

    I agree with all you wrote, Ruth.  God bless our country and OUR president.

  11. sherle Says:

    Your whole website is a breath of fresh air!!! I’ve been voting for fifty years and have never before experienced so much hate in the mass media and from the opposing political party. God bless YOU… God bless OUR president and his family…. and God bless the USA!!! -) …and I will be sure to vote for your blog each of the remaining days! Yours IS the best!

    Carol:  Sherle, thanks for stopping by.  WOW!  You’d better stop writing such stuff or I’ll get a big head!  Thanks so much!

  12. beth Says:

    This article has been submitted to Real Clear Politics. Go vote for it )

     Carol:  Beth, thanks for doing that.  I haven’t had a post on Real Clear Politics before!  I just voted for myself!  -)   Now if everyone who reads this will go and vote for it. . . wait, what happens if I “win”?  I don’t even know what this is all about!  I saw your post there, too, and I will go back and see if I can vote for it, too.  Thanks!

  13. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    Thursday Thirteen #6…

    So far, this has really not been a good week. Lots of things have piled on that no one really wants to hear about and I don’t really want to write about – it’s just been stressful and not good. Today was particularly bad and my mood darken…

  14. James Says:

    This was so incredible io am at a loss for words.
    The soldiers NEED to receive these as it shows
    the entire country isnt filled up with leftists nutjobs.

    I wish i could be there with them as well..
    God Bless

    Carol: Thank you, James. This post only contained a few of the many letters that were written. The letters and other treats are already on their way to Iraq.

  15. mbell Says:

    Thank you. My older son is in Mosul, Iraq now and will be there through the Christmas season. When I showed the letters from this website to his little brother in the first grade, he was inspired to send a picture and write a letter to his big brother. I had been trying to get him to do this for weeks, but when he saw these, he went right to work. He is working as I am typing.

    “We must stand together, for divided we shall surely parrish.”
    I am not sure who said it, but I think it was Ben Franklin or George Washington?

    Carol: Thanks, mbell. I will keep your son in my prayers – as well as all our soldiers. I know your older son will treasure the picture and letter from his little brother. God bless.

  16. Blog-o-Fascists Says:

    There Is Still Hope…

    Little Green Footballs

    Amid all the bad news, here’s a simple story that will touch your heart: From Tennessee Children to our Soldiers in Iraq: There is still hope in the world!URL: Little Green Footballs…

  17. Greta Says:

    You made my day. There is hope & good in the world!

    Carol: Greta, thanks so much! I wish I could included many other letters, and I know that our men and women in Iraq will enjoy reading all of them. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  18. Ron Says:


    I cannot believe how many tears quietly ran down my face as I read these touching letters from these patriotic school children.

    The memory that this brought back was when I was real little and we had family prayers before bed and remembering my Dad always praying for God to watch out for our boys in Korea.


    Carol: Ron, thanks for visiting and commenting. That is such a nice story about your father praying for God to watch out for “our boys in Korea.” Thanks for sharing it.

  19. Rachel Carney Says:

    So nice to speak with young children before they go to college and are indoctrinated with a hatred for their country. God bless the sweet and innocent young ones…and of course all our brave soldiers. May they all come home safe and soon. I support their mission.

    Carol:  Rachel, I believe our soldiers are among the ones who resisted that indoctrination and learned to think for themselves.  Thanks for your comments – and welcome to TMS.

  20. Susan Says:

    This is one of the most beautiful post I’ve read in a while. It truly touched me.

    I came here from LGF. I read in the comments there that someone was suspicious that there aren’t misspellings in these samples you used. These are obviously real writings. I think the fact there aren’t misspellings just indicates you are a good teacher.

    Thank you for sharing these and for teaching our children the value of service to our country.

    Carol: Thank you, Susan.  The letters and pictures touched me, too.  The classroom teachers are the ones who asked the children to write the letters and then supervised their writing.  It was a school-wide project.  I am not a classroom teacher.  So I can’t take any credit for the quality of the children’s letters.  The words are the children’s and letters and pictures are from children from grades kindergarten through fifth grade.  Thanks for stopping by.

  21. aine Says:

    Great site – enjoyed reading the letters and our soldiers will love them.

    Sorry but I’d already used my vote for today but will definately vote for you tomorrow.

    Carol: aine, I’m glad you enjoyed reading the letters.  Thanks for the vote and for stopping by.

  22. diana Says:

    Thanks for sharing these with us, they are a delight and I know the soldiers will enjoy them. We need more of this, heck-the country needs more of this. What a great school you guys are running up there, you guys just made my day…..

    Carol:  I sure hope the soldiers will enjoy them, and I hope they get them by Christmas.  I agree – our whole country needs more of this. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

  23. Cassandra Says:

    I read in the comments there that someone was suspicious that there aren’t misspellings in these samples you used.

    People are amazing. This week I read through hundreds of cards from my daughter in law’s elementary school. They are sitting on my sofa waiting to go to Iraq, Walter Reed, and Bethesda. You’d be surprised how few have misspellings – the children took great care in making them. Many were lettered first in pencil before being redone in crayon – something that touched me greatly.

    The love that went into these cards is something to see. Great job, Carol )

    Carol:  Thanks, Cassandra.  Yep, the words and letters are from genuine, living, American, elementary school children.  When I took the photographs of the drawings to put on my blog, I edited out the children’s names – which is obvious to anyone who looks at the photographs carefully.  I am not good at editing photographs!  -)   Some of the letters were exerpts and not the complete letters.  The words and drawing are the children’s.

  24. Lee Says:

    Really enjoyed being reminded that there are people who really get what this war is about. Even when it is children.

    Thanks Carol for posting these. Was referred here by lgf, and have to agree that reading the childrens comments got me misty eyed also. I keep thinking about what a soldier will be able to take away from them.

    Carol: I hope the soldiers will understand after reading the letters that there is a strong base of support for them in the United States. What they hear via the MSM and the leftwingers does not represent how all of America feels.

  25. David Says:

    The letters from the children are wonderful and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Carol for posting these…it shows how many of us in America truly feel about our Brave Men and Women serving our country, they will always be my hero’s and have a special place in my heart. My God protect them and bring them back home safe.

    Carol: Thanks, David.  I agree – May God protect our soldiers and bring them home safe and sound.

  26. hank Says:

    It’s sad to see these kids believing the myths they hear. Iraq has and had nothing to do with the freedom of the United States. This war was started to find weapons of mass detructions (not protect freedom) which was a lie.

    Support the troops and bring them home.

    God bless critical thinkers.

    Carol: I disagree strongly about who the liars are and who the critical thinkers are.  These children not only are critical thinkers, they are loving and loyal people.  However, thank God and our soldiers that you – however misguided and brainwashed by the left and the MSM –  have the right to call our president a liar.

  27. youcancallmemeyer Says:

    The teachers of these children should be proud of them. It is so refreshing to see qualities such as – love of country, bravery, self sacrifice, doing the right thing – being written of without self consciousness.

    Hank is the tip of the left wing iceberg, all of them squirm when people write about these qualities. Not nuanced enough I suppose.

    I am an Australian and I unashamedly admire these qualities. I’m nearly as proud of US forces as I am of the Oz military.

    Merry Christmas to them all.

    Carol: Hi youcancallmemeyer!  Thanks for your kind words and for visiting all the way from Australia!  -)  

  28. Michelle Says:

    I’m so glad that there are people out there who are bringing comfort and motivation to American soldiers fighting in Iraq. I live in South Africa but I’m so very proud of each soldier taking a stand for America. May you have a blessed Christmas and a very happy new year!

  29. Says:

    These letters are great!

    In recognition of Memorial Day (send real letters, write online) is offering our Free “Memorial Day Mail Call” campaign ( U.S. Military personnel and their families are invited to use’s letter writing services free of charge during the entire month of May, and can also enter to win one year of our services for free. makes letter writing convenient by allowing users to simply visit and type their letter online, then handles the rest: printing the letter on recycled paper, placing it in a recycled envelope with a first-class stamp and mailing it through the U.S. postal service within 24 hours, including letters sent to U.S Soldiers overseas.

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