Our builder decided he had too much going on in his life, and he couldn’t start on another project right now.  So, RT and I talked to yet another builder a couple weeks ago.  We came home and talked about it, and made a decision . . .. WE’RE GOING TO BUILD OUR HOUSE OURSELVES!  Or more accurately, RT is going to do it with my support. I’ll handle most of the paperwork and phone calls.  He’ll do the grunt work of dealing with sub-contractors.  Plus he has already done a lot of the work himself.  He made the driveway, laid the pipe for the electricity and cleared the building site.  And I have worked on the site a lot, too.  See “The Adventures of PyroWoman and DozerMan” to see the kinds of things I’ve done to help get the site ready.

Here’s a photo I took yesterday of our newly graveled driveway-to-be. 

It’s a LONG driveway because our house will be built on the back of our property – high on a hill with woods surrounding us.  The part of the driveway NOT in the photo is as long as what’s showing in it.  When we pave it, the bill will be a whopper. But it’s SO beautiful!

Below is a photo of the building site taken a couple weeks ago.  In the photo, RT is busy with the chainsaw.   We now have enough firewood to last for years!  It hurt to cut down so many trees, but you can’t build a house without clearing a space for it.  We sold some for timber, cut other for firewood, and we burned some.

RT finished the rough clearing for the house yesterday.  Here is that photo.  This photo is of the same area as the previous one.  So you can see how much work has been done.



That’s RT on the bulldozer.  Is that not the ultimate in toys for men?  This week the footing and foundation people will start working. I’m so excited that we’re actually getting ready to BUILD.   

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One Response to “Building Our Own House – RT and Carol, the Builders – A Long and Winding Road”

  1. Jane Says:

    Carol, your land is absolutely beautiful. I know you and RT will be blissfully happy there. I eagerly await watching the progress of the building. I am SO excited for you both.

     Carol:  Jane, thanks so much.  I just love going over to the land and walking on it.  Once we get the house built, we’re going to make walking/bicyle trails all through it.  You’ll have to come visit sometime.

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