I heard a sermon the other day about how important it is to watch out for people who only swim in the kiddie pool.  The kiddie pool is all one depth – shallow.  There are no gradations of depth.  People can splash around and make a lot of noise that demands attention.  Sometimes people even lie down in the kiddie pool and pretend they’re deep, but the reality is that they’re still in a shallow pool.

My immediate thought was that the sermon illustrated the left perfectly.  The talk is sometimes sophisticated and it certainly SOUNDS intellectual.  However, there is no depth – no long-range thinking about the consequences of their words and actions.  No consideration of the big picture.  Shallow. Shallow. Shallow.

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3 Responses to “The Left – Swimming in the Kiddie Pool of Shallowness”

  1. beth Says:

    Thats a perfect analogy!

  2. phidipides Says:

    “However, there is no depth – no long-range thinking about the consequences of their words and actions.”

    With 3000 American soldiers dead in Iraq, at least 400 mercenaries…uh, private security…dead in Iraq, and $43 trillion in long term debt added to the deficit, I really wonder who the long range planner-whizzes are amongst the neo-cons and republi-cons?

    Of course, with conservatism being a dead…

    Okay. It’s not dead. It failed from lack of being tried. We heard 35 years of promising “less government and lowered spending”. But what we always got during republi-con “conservative” administrations was busted budgets and massive growth in the size of government. It’s time for conservatism to join the heap of other failed ‘isms and it’s followers should take their rightful places as the incompetents they truly are.

    Thank God grown ups are going to be watching over the Mad King, idiot son of George

    Carol: Your comment is a perfect example of what’s wrong with the left. 

  3. Bill Henderson Says:

    Swimming in the Kiddie Pool is a safe and happy place to be. No challenges – no danger. Conversely, it is without greed or short term selfishness. Just a simple relaxing place.

    Carol, I see your point here but couldn’t you apply this analogy to just about anything?

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