In a local newspaper today was an article by Cathy Clarkson. The title was “Condensing Christmas into One Hour.” In the article she writes of hearing a radio host asks the question: “If you could condense Christmas into one hour; what would be in that hour?”
Cathy described her Aunt Ellie’s boiled custard and coconut cake, the Barbie Dream House she received as a child, a Kleenex wrapped box of dusting powder from a student long ago, and her son’s happiness one Christmas at getting a complete cowboy outfit.

Condensing Christmas down to one hour has left me knowing some things for sure: I would not include cleaning house or “falling apart” when the clear tape is gone.

There would be no time to get stuck in traffic or hunt for a parking place at the mall. My hour would not include looking for a present for someone that I barely know, or worrying over when I will have time to bake cookies for neighbors. There would just be just 60 minutes and no time to waste on something that was not precious, or delicious, or worth keeping.

It made me think about the question and what’s important to me.  I love that phrase that determines what’s important – “no time to waste on something that was not precious, or delicious, or worth keeping.”  What would YOU do if you had to condense Christmas to just one hour?

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One Response to “Condensing Christmas to just ONE HOUR”

  1. Semper Fi Mom Says:

    I never thought to look at it this way, but what a good idea! I was just about to flip out because my house isn’t clean enough. I needed this. ) Thanks!

    Carol: Glad you liked it – I did, too.

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