On Thursday, December 14th, the ground was officially broken on our new house.  Excavators did the rough grade and excavated for the crawl space.  Next week the footing and foundation are scheduled to be done.  Here is a photo of the first of four truckloads of timber taken from the building site. 


This next photo is of the building site on Thursday afternoon.  This is an exciting phase in the building process because we can see where each room will be.  

Friday the surveyer marked the corners of the house with orange stakes.  I will add a photo of that later today.  We have spent literally hours looking at the stakes from every angle and deciding whether or not the house is situated exactly as we want it.  It isn’t. It’s off by a couple feet.  Tomorrow or Tuesday the surveyer will re-survey to make the house sit a little more horizontally on the ridge. 

Our goal is to have the framing and roof done by the end of January.  We want to move in by RT’s birthday on July 12th.   Funny note: Our daughter apparently has little faith in her father (since he took many years to complete the addition to our current home).  She predicted we wouldn’t be in even by Christmas next year.  Hmmmm.  We’ll see.

By the way, HERE’s the floor plan for the house.  The only change is that we’ve added a bedroom downstairs off the laundry room. 

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