I saw this photo of my mother and me – taken around 1952. (I look about 2 or 3 years old, don’t I?) I thought it was a sweet picture of both of us, and I wanted to post it here for posterity. Old photographs so often get put away and are seldom enjoyed.

It’s interesting looking at old photographs like this. I look at the little girl’s eyes (mine!) and try to see if there is anything in them that looks like me now. I don’t know. It’s me, and yet she seems totally removed from me. Strange, isn’t it? I also look at the picture to see if there is any resemblance to my grandgirls at that age. I can see some similiarities, but nothing that I could claim looks just like Sweet Stuff or Sunshine now.

And my mother looks wonderful, doesn’t she, to be the mother of five young children (at that time)?

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5 Responses to “My Mother and Me – 1951 or 1952?”

  1. ruth Says:

    That is a good picture of us both. I do not remember seeing it. You were a beautiful little girl.

    Carol:  Thanks, Mother!  I know that’s a very unbiased opinion!  -)

  2. Joan Says:

    I noticed that picture last night in my computer files when I was looking for pictures for my Thursday thirteen. My first thought was how much Mother looks like Stinkeroo (isn’t that what you call your daughter on the blog?)

    Carol: Now that you mention it, Mother DOES look like Stinkeroo in that photo.  Isn’t THAT interesting!  I always figured Stinkeroo didn’t take after our side of the family at all.

  3. beth Says:

    I don’t ever remember seeing that picture before. It’s beautiful and you both look great.

    Carol:  Thank you.  I thought I got that picture from you!  Now I’m not sure where I got it.

  4. beth Says:

    I see you in that photo – but that may be because I’ve seen your baby/little girl photos. I’m trying to look at it objectively and I feel like I can see you now in that little girl.

    Carol:  It’s in the eyes, I think.

  5. Mushy Says:

    I just love this kind of post! Thanks.

    Carol:  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope your Christmas is wonderful.

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