Last  night my daughter, Stinkeroo, and I met at The Dinner A’Fare and each of us made 12 dinners.  Well, I only made eleven because they didn’t get the meat for one of the dinners I had requested.  I’ll get that meal today.  And that’s okay with me.  I would rather wait till today to get that meal and have fresh, good quality meat than have whatever they could find yesterday.   Yesterday I wrote about my anticipation for this adventure.

Here are my notes from last night (MENTAL notes – I didn’t write anything down at the time!)

(1)  It was fun!  Stinkeroo and I talked and laughed the whole time.

(2)  The ingredients were fresh and of high quality, and the stations were well stocked. 

(3)  The place was clean, and sanitation was emphasized.  We each had to wear an apron and hat (provided).

(4) The directions were clear and easy to follow.  As each meal was completed, there were “customer refrigerators” where we put the finished meal to chill until we were finished with them all.  There were also cards for each dish with detailed directions for thawing and cooking them.  The cards were packaged with each finished dish.

(5) The only down side was that they had no provision for getting the twelve meals to the car.  Why not have boxes and/or coolers available for purchase for whoever needs them?  I would’ve paid a couple bucks for a cardboard box to keep my meals for sliding around the trunk on the way home last night.  Next time I’ll bring my own box or cooler.

(6) The meals look good.  We will try our first one tonight.  I’ll let you know about the taste.

(7) There was another woman there last night who had made meals at “Supper Thyme” (a similar make-dinner-ahead-and-freeze-it place) a couple times, and she had enjoyed those meals.  She felt that “The Dinner A’Fare” had more variety, and so she was trying them out last night.  She knew what to do and was out of there in one hour.  Stinkeroo and I took almost the full two hours.  However, she made a lot of duplicate meals.  Stinkeroo and I had each selected twelve different meals so we could try a variety of dishes.

(8)  I will do some things differently next time.  Nothing major – just how I mix up the ingredients.  For example, for dishes where salt and pepper or other seasonings were added to meat – I just dumped it all in zipper bags.  Next time I’ll put the meat in a mixing bowl and MIX it well with the seasonings before adding it all to a bag.  Last night I came home and re-packaged four of my dishes because I didn’t like how I did it at the store.  I also had signed up for “full” meals (serves 4-6) rather than “half” meals (serves 2-3).  That’s too much.  I won’t do that again either. 

(9) The store we were at only opened LAST WEEK!  So I just happened upon it a few days after it opened.  I predict they’ll do a booming business.  They have a wonderful location.  Stinkeroo and I have lots of friends who are waiting to hear about our “trial run” last night.  If we give good reports, they’ll be signing up for it, too.

(10)  I think it would be a good franchise to buy.  I’m not personally interested in it, but I think it would be a profitable business – depending on the location.

Later Note:  TASTE VERDICTS:  Go HERE to read the verdicts of the various dishes as we try them. 

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