My cell phone rang yesterday morning.  Looking at it, I saw that the call was from my daughter’s number.  However, recently I’ve learned to not assume that a call from my daughter’s number would necessarily be my daughter.  My five-year old grandgirl, Sweet Stuff, has memorized my phone number and has called me several times in the past week. When I answer the phone by greeting my daughter by name, she giggles and says, “No, it’s ME!”  So, to be on the safe side, I answer the phone with a generic “hello?” Good call.  It was Sweet Stuff again.

Yesterday she was full of excitement over the holidays – brimming over with giggles and stories of their Christmas activities.  She told me that they were making gingerbread and cookies and that they were wrapping presents.  They were hurrying to wrap her daddy’s presents before he got home from work.  Later they would make gingerbread houses.

She was so excited and happy that  I could feel the Christmas glow over the phone.  She put her younger sister, Sunshine, on the phone.  Sunshine told me her version of the day’s plans.  I took the phone out to PawPaw who was in the backyard working on the stools he is making them for Christmas.  He told Sunshine that he was helping Santa by making something in his workshop for them.  Sunshine called out, “Sweet Stuff, PawPaw is making us something in his workshop!”

Their sweet voices resonating with Christmas joy brought back memories of their mother and uncle – my two children – as little ones excited about Christmas – and back even further to memories of myself and my siblings as we awaited with breathless anticipation Christmas morning.

Christmas – the thread joining generations together in joy and wonder.

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2 Responses to “A Phone Call from the GrandGirls – the anticipation of Christmas”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Enjoyed reading about Sweet Stuff and Sunshine…Give them a kiss for me…Have a Merry Christmas tomorrow

    Carol:  Tonight was wonderful!  Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

  2. Lyn Says:

    How sweet! There’s nothing like celebrating Christmas with excited children!

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