Both the grandgirls – Sweet Stuff and Sunshine – told Santa Claus that they wanted a scooter and a teddy bear for Christmas. That’s all they wanted.

Santa listened to them when they shared those wishes a few weeks ago, and since both Sweet Stuff and Sunshine are incredibly good children, they were assured that Santa would bring them what they wanted.

Yesterday, Sweet Stuff (5 years old) quietly confided to her mother that she had a test planned for Santa Claus. She really wanted a Barbie, but she hadn’t said a word about it to anybody so she could see if Santa really knows what children want without their telling him.

My son-in-law, overhearing the conversation, exchanged looks with my daughter and then remembered that they still needed to get some carrots to leave out for Santa’s reindeer, too. It took awhile for him to find those carrots, but he returned home with a smile on his face. Santa should pass the test easily.

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One Response to “Testing Santa Claus – “I want a scooter and a teddy bear and . . . “”

  1. Amanda Says:

    They do deserve to get everything they want for Christmas because they are wonderful children! I love yall, Give them a kiss from me.

    Carol:  I will be babysitting them starting Friday morning and up to mid-day on Monday.  So I will give them a kiss for you then.  You might want to pray for me.  LOL!

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