Regardless of what you call it, winter break (or the Christmas holiday) is a wonderful time!  Right now, the two weeks out of school stretch before me like an empty canvas.  How will I spend my remaining days out of school?  I’m obsessive/compulsive. So I have a list:

(1) Get my name changed.  Since I got married in September, I’ve put off changing my name.  It is such a hassle.  However, I want to have the same last name as R.T.  So I will go through the required rigamarole.  It is a tedious and long process.  Last Friday I took care of my social security card.  Later this week I will handle my drivers license.  Then I will have a marathon letter-writing session and send notices to everyone else (banks, credit cards, my employer, etc.) who must change my name on their records.  Of course then I must notify my friends and make the announcement when I return to school in January.  Children and co-workers will have to change what they call me.  (Yes, I can think of some jokes with that last , but I won’t go there.)

(2) Get my old clunker car inspected and get a new tag for it.  However, before doing that I will have to get it started.  As of this moment, the battery is dead – deader’n a doornail.  Then once that is done, I will either sell it or give it away. It’s worth a few hundred dollars – at most.

(3) Get repairs done to my not-as-old car.  The trunk latch doesn’t work, the back taillight is out, and the CD-changer stopped working.

(4) Visit my mother for a couple days.

(5) De-clutter RT’s and my house. . . or at least one or two rooms. . . or at least a closet or maybe a drawer – something will be de-cluttered before school starts again.

Those things will get done.  I’ll also have a chance to sleep late in the mornings and generally feel renewed and ready to face the challenges of teaching by January 8th when school starts again.  It’s a good thing to have a few weekdays in which to take care of personal business and to rejuvenate.

And thinking about all that made me think about a “balanced calendar.”  A balanced calendar is when students attend school for nine weeks, then school is out for two or three weeks, then another nine weeks of school, then another two or three break, etc.  That makes so much sense to me.  Children and teachers would still attend school the same amount of days/time.  However, there wouldn’t be that long, long break during the summer.  Instead, the breaks would be spread throughout the year.  Summer break is nice, but it’s too long and it’s too hot.

Our school system considered going to a balanced calendar recently, and groups of parents basically shot down the idea.  I think their objections had to do mostly with high school sports programming.  I was disappointed that we didn’t give it a try. 

Having these two weeks off – even with all the Christmas activities packed in them – make me realize anew how wonderful it is to have time off to recharge.

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4 Responses to “Winter Break – Christmas Holidays – School is out for two weeks – and I’m thinking about a “balanced calendar””

  1. Jane Says:

    Well, I hope you get those rooms, closet, drawer, purse….whatever cleaned out before you go back to school!!!!
    I imagine the name change thing is a hassle but I know you will love having that name again!
    Enjoy your visit with your mom, give her a hug for me.

    Carol: I cleaned out my purse!  Yea – one chore done!  -)   Consider my mom hugged for you!  Hug yours for me, too!

  2. teachergirl Says:

    Several years ago, my sister’s school district let her school pilot the balanced calendar. They loved it. It took some getting used to go to to school in July but when they got three weeks off in October, life started to make some sense. The one thing their school offered was intercession; two weeks of extra classes (reading/math for those who needed it) and extracurricular activities for those who just needed the care (soccer, knitting, art, cooking). Their school served a high risk population and those kids needed structure and the daycare; they got breakfast and lunch and no one had to worry about where they were during the day while their parents worked. They did have one week where there was nothing going on at the school. All in all, it has been a huge success. They have been successful in all the areas that superintendents and administrators like to have success in; the teachers and students just like it. I think I would like to try, just to see. I’m just now comfortable with vacation, and now, here we are, ready to go back. Oh, well. Happy New Year!!!

  3. Maureen Says:

    I remember those days when the kids were home and I loved it. Home always seemed empty when they went back to school.

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