Here’s the latest photo from the house-building – taken on 12-30-06. The foundation should be completed tomorrow, and the framers are tentatively scheduled to start later this week. We’re hoping to have the framing done – and maybe even the roof started – by the end of this month. YEA!!! I’ll post another picture when the foundation is finished. Right now it looks like the house will sit really high – but that’s because they dug down for the foundation. The land around the house will be built back up before it’s finished. RT and I drove up there this evening — saw two deer crossing the driveway in front of us. We measured the driveway – it is a little over 3/10 mile long. We also double-checked everything, and all the measurements are exactly right, all the corners are exactly square, and the cement blocks are exactly level. Not that we don’t trust the sub-contractors. . . .

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    How exciting!

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