A friend pointed out this poll. It’s an internet poll which means only the opinions of the people who take the time to respond are counted. However, I believe it shows some tendencies. And Muslims have only themselves to blame for the negative feelings about Islam that are evident.

Islam and America Poll Results
Do you consider Islam to be a peaceful religion? Yes 12,048 No 162,837
Do you consider Islam to be a tolerant religion? Yes 6,723 No 167,829
Would America be a better country if it were a Muslim country? Yes 1,009 No 173,436
Should America place equal emphasis on the Koran and the Bible? Yes 4,098 No 169,964
Would it be good for America to have more Muslims in elected offices? Yes 4,147 No 169,372
Would you vote for a Muslim for president? Yes 3,653 No 170,143
As a general rule, are women treated better in America than in a Muslim country? Yes 159,745 No 14,181
Is America too dependent on Muslim countries for oil? Yes 167,659 No 6,247
Do Muslim countries do more than America to help the poor? Yes 4,254 No 168,556

You can participate in the poll yourself by going HERE.

Tiara-tip to Something…and Half of Something.

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2 Responses to “Islam and America Poll from American Family Association”

  1. Jim Says:

    The problem that I have with the AFA is that they never do unbiased polls. I used to subscribe to their newsletter, but lately (meaning in the last year or so) they’ve done some things that I think are 1) arguably unethical and 2) are actually somewhat, if not counterbiblical, than at least counterproductive to the furthering of the Kingdom. I kind of unofficially withdrew my support for that organization a while back. They have good intentions, I’m sure, but I question their means.

    TMS: Good points, and I’m glad you brought them up.  Until I saw this poll, I had not heard much about AFA.  Thanks.

  2. Jim Says:

    Oh, and this WordPress theme needs a link back out to your frontpage. ) Currently, I have to modify the URL to get back there from here.

    TMS:  I’ll let my blog designer (Beth of Blue Star Chronicles) know about that.  She’s working on some modifications of my theme anyway.  I want a new header.  -)

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