Keith Ellison, the Muslim from Minnesota who was elected to Congress will use Thomas Jefferson’s Koran for his Swearing-In ceremony. From Frederic J. Frommer with the Associated Press:

Rep.-elect Keith Ellison, D-Minn., decided to use the centuries-old Koran during his ceremonial swearing-in on Thursday after he learned that it is kept at the Library of Congress. Jefferson, the nation’s third president and a collector of books in all topics and languages, sold the book to Congress in 1815 as part of a collection.

“It demonstrates that from the very beginning of our country, we had people who were visionary, who were religiously tolerant, who believed that knowledge and wisdom could be gleaned from any number of sources, including the Koran,” Ellison said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

“A visionary like Thomas Jefferson was not afraid of a different belief system,” Ellison said. “This just shows that religious tolerance is the bedrock of our country, and religious differences are nothing to be afraid of.”

Uh, that would be partly correct. Religious tolerance IS the bedrock of our country. However, I must disagree with with the statement that “religious differences are nothing to be afraid of.” Muslim extremists (and maybe it’s not just the extremists) are THE reason for most of the killing and the wars going on right now. They were responsible for 9/11, they are responsible for 99% of terrorist attacks throughout the world. Seems to me that the people who don’t practice religious tolerance or respect religious differences are the Muslims.

The report continues:

An English translation of the Arabic, Jefferson’s Koran was published in 1764 in London, a later printing of one originally published in 1734.

“This is considered the text that shaped Europe’s understanding of the Koran,” Dimunation said.

It was acquired in 1815 as part of a more than 6,400-volume collection that Jefferson sold for $24,000 to replace the congressional library that had been burned by British troops the year before, in the War of 1812.

“It was a real bargain,” Dimunation said.

The Koran survived an 1851 fire in the Capitol. Dimunation described it as a two-volume work, bound in leather with marble boards.

“As a rare book librarian,” he said, “there is something special about the idea that Thomas Jefferson’s books are being walked across the street to the Capitol building, to bring in yet another session of governmental structure that he helped create.”

This is a brilliant move on Ellison’s part because he has taken the repulsive idea of a member of Congress being sworn in on a Koran and tied it to Thomas Jefferson – one of our country’s founding fathers. Many people will figure that if Jefferson owned a Koran, then he must have been “okay” with the Muslim religion. Muslims worldwide have declared jihad on the United States and ANYONE who is not Muslim. I think it was a mistake to elect an “enemy” to Congress.

More at Hot Air.

And check out Cogito – he has an interesting discussion of this topic that goes back to Jefferson’s relationship with Muslims.

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6 Responses to “Keith Ellison to use Thomas Jefferson’s Koran for Swearing In”

  1. Jane Says:

    I agree with you. I am reminded of the analogy of the frog in the pot of water. If you put him in hot water he will jump out but if you put him cold water and heat it gradually, he will die. We must be vigilant….the heat is on.

    TMS:  Exactly, Jane!  Our Christian heritage has been slowly chipped away over the past 30 or so years.  A little bit at a time. 

  2. Sparky Duck Says:

    Ok, for Mr. Ellison, this maybe a mistake, just coming from the public outcry angle. People are already a little bit wary of him being elected already, and doing something to continue to remind people of his religious heritage could be a problem when he tries to get elected 2 years from now.

    But, not every Muslim is a terrorist. Just like the fact that not every Catholic is an italian mobster. Or vice versa for that matter.

    TMS:  And of course I understand very well that every Muslim is not a terrorist.  Every Christian is not intolerant either.  However, the Bible tells us to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.”  In other words, we can have allegiance to our country.  From my understanding of the Koran, there is no corresponding belief.  Death to anyone who is not Muslim.  So what is Mr. Ellison’s first allegiance?   

  3. Stan Says:

    I wrote about this originally back in December. I’m shocked that so few see the blatantly obvious message Mr. Ellison is sending to America. “I know, I know, you’ve based everything on the Bible up until now. Hey, even the atheists in office haven’t tried to dismiss it. I know that the American system of law is based on Judeo-Christian approach. All I’m trying to say is … let’s throw that out! Let’s use the Koran instead.” His message isn’t subtle, nor is it harmless. And it isn’t “Can’t we all just get along?”

    TMS:  I think we’ve so misinterpreted the “separation of church and state” idea that now we act like there can be no connection between the two when the intent was that there would be no state-sponsored/required church.   Amen to what you wrote!

  4. N. Mallory Says:

    Seems to me that the people who don’t practice religious tolerance or respect religious differences are the Muslims.

    What a rather close-minded statement, considering the point of the exercise. The Congress person expressing religious intolerance and disrespect is not the Muslim in this case. In fact, the one person who’s being the most tolerant is the Muslim. I think there’s a lot of religious intolerance and disrespect of differences going around on all sides.

    TMS:  I must’ve missed the news where elected leaders in Muslim countries are allowed to take the oath of office on a Bible.  I didn’t realize they were that tolerant.  This Minnesota guy has had no problem taking the oath on a Koran.  Sure, there’s been some negative publicity, but no LAW against it or legal action against it.

    The USA is WAY ahead any other country in the world for tolerance and respect for differences.

  5. Terrell Says:

    Carol, I can’t let this pass, I disagree so strongly. “Enemy”????!! Would you say that to your Muslim students and parents? To our Muslim soldiers? If I have misunderstood, please forgive me. But it sounds as if you do not believe Muslims can be full American citizens.

    TMS:  Up until the past few years I wouldn’t have felt that way.  However, even “moderate” Muslim clerics are calling for death to Americans and anyone who isn’t Muslim.  That’s not just death to American soldiers, but death to you and to me, your daughters, my children and grandchildren.  I don’t WANT to believe that Muslims can’t be patriotic American citizens, but listening to their own words, it doesn’t seem likely.  

  6. Jacob Says:

    What this koran incident ultimately illustrates is a (willful) ignorance of this country’s history. No, I’m not referring to a Christian heritage; that would be dishonest. I am a Christian, but I recognize that this country was not founded as a “Christian nation.” Rather, I am referring to the fact that immediately upon being sworn-in as president, Thomas Jefferson went to war with Muslim “terrorists” (a.k.a. Barbary Pirates) in 1801.

    The fact that Jefferson owned a Koran says nothing about his opinions of the religion. He also owned Bibles, but he didn’t believe in miracles or salvation. I welcome you to read and comment on my article about Jefferson and Islam.

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