Unfortunately I’m stuck watching CNN more often than I’d like because my husband watches it.  The obvious left-wing bias is hard to stomach at times.  They love to spout their opinions as facts.  Last night, I heard something that was hard to believe – even for CNN.

Jack Cafferty (I THINK that’s his name) was giving the results of some poll.  I don’t remember the numbers or what all the categories were, but one phrase stuck with me.

He said (and this is paraphrased – except for the last few words - since I didn’t write it down),  “XX percent of the people polled think we should not send more troops to Iraq TO BE KILLED.”  (emphasis mine).  Not “sent to Iraq” but “sent to Iraq to be killed.”

My guess is that 100% of people polled would say they don’t think any more troops should be sent to Iraq to be killed.  If the question was about sending troops to Iraq to bring stability to a ravaged country, or sending troops to Iraq to honor our commitment, or sending troops to Iraq to stop the terrorism there, then the answer might be different.

I tried to find the poll on the CNN website, but didn’t have any luck. I wonder how much of the wording was from the poll and how much was from Cafferty himself.  What an idiot.

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2 Responses to “CNN, the MSM, Media Bias and Jack Cafferty”

  1. beth Says:

    I heard the speech, then I heard the democratic response (I live blogged it!). Then I heard the talking heads carrying on and I could not tell they were talking about the same speech I heard!

  2. Howard Says:

    Jack Cafferty is a biased hack … instead of being an objective journalist, he’s consistently chosen to be in the tank for Obama. When McCain wins in November, Cafferty and the rest of the media cronies who have tried to cram Obama down our throats, will all be irrelevant.

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