Thirteen Items On My Desk

  1. three bottles of hand lotion
  2. a white carousel of pencils, pens, rulers, emery boards, markers and glue
  3. a tape dispenser
  4. a magnifying glass
  5. a Better Homes and Garden cookbook
  6. a box of legal-size envelopes
  7. a hair dryer
  8. a Christmas card
  9. a box of blank CDs
  10. a stapler
  11. a nail buffer
  12. a camera case
  13. a hair bow that the grandgirls left here

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8 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen – (My 44th Edition) – 13 Items on my Desk”

  1. John Says:

    Cool list. My desk is too full of junk to make a list of just 13 items.

    My 13 are up.

  2. beth Says:

    cool list! My desk is messier than your desk though )

  3. amy Says:

    Cool desk! Sounds like you are a very neat person!

  4. Joan Says:

    I may not get one written this week. I just wrote another post and don’t want it to get hidden under a TT.

  5. celfyddydau Says:

    I did a desk list too! I just added handcream to mine. But I don’t have a hairdrier

  6. Jane Says:

    Your desk sounds neat (organized)! Now that I have a laptop, I don’t use a desk, just a folding table similar to a TV tray.
    Thanks for stopping by my T13. You are right about the coffee and I will bring some home with me too!

  7. Eric Says:

    hmmm…maybe I need more stuff…just the laptop and printer sitting on my desk…usually it’s just the printer as the laptop is in my briefcase….

  8. elementaryhistoryteacher Says:

    At least you can see some items on your desk. Mine is completely covered in papers.

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