This past week has been a busy one.  Here are seven highlights:

1.  The framers are starting on the second floor of the new house.  It is AMAZING, after looking at the house plans for months and knowing every little detail, to finally see the actual house taking shape.

2.  The rough-out of the stairway is complete, and I have walked up the stairs several times to look at the view.  It’s incredible.  The house is being built on top of a hill – the river is visible out the back, and the winding driveway to the front.  There are woods all around.

3.  My principal asked me to present some information to the faculty at the faculty meeting – a very last minute request.  My daughter and son-in-law got a store-birthday cake instead of a homemade one for their joint birthday family dinner Thursday night, but I got a halfway decent presentation together with only a few hours’ notice.

4.  My daughter called last night, and Sunshine has another ear infection.  She said Sunshine REALLY wanted to talk to me.  That by itself thrilled me.  So I asked Sunshine how she was feeling, and in a pitiful  little voice, she said, “My ear hurts.”  We promised to bring her some ice cream today.  When they were visiting this past Thursday, Sunshine climbed into my lamp and wrapped her arms around me and just cuddled for awhile.

5.  RT fixed my breakfast for me several mornings this past week – a whole wheat bagel (8 grams fiber) with a slice of low-fat cheese and a couple slices bacon (OK, the bacon wasn’t healthy, but it sure tasted good!).  I like to wrap my morning bagel in a paper towel and then munch on it as I drive to work.  RT had it waiting for me – wrapped and ready - as I left each morning.  Isn’t that sweet?

6.  RT and I spent a good chunk of Saturday driving around looking at brick.  We had each picked out different bricks from samples at the “brick store”, but when we saw them both on actual houses, we didn’t like either one.  The one I liked looked “speckled” and the one RT liked looked drab.  However, we were happy that we liked the same brick when we looked at finished houses.  We like a reddish-brown color with a more uniform look – and with a cream/tan colored mortar.  No white or very dark mortar.  Considering how important the brick is to the look of a house, we felt the day was well spent.

7.  RT took the Bobcat (skid-steer) that he had rented last weekend and went over the hiking path we had set out last year.  We walked over it yesterday, and it is perfect.  We’re going to put walking/riding paths all through the 90 acres.  There’s a tree service who is thrilled to let us have their woodchips.  So we’ll line the paths with woodchips, and we will have outstanding paths to enjoy.

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