Here’s a photo I took earlier today.  FINALLY, you can see where the two front gables (or whatever they’re called) will be on the house.  I took the photo from down the hill.  So this is what it looks like as you drive up the driveway. 

The framers will finish within a few days – and by the middle or end of next week the roofers should be able to start.  Then the plumbers and electricians will do their things. . . . and I’m really not certain what the next steps will be.

The architect of our house plan is Don Gardner House & Floor Plans.  It’s called the “Hickory Ridge” plan.  You can click the link and see the floor plan.  Here is the architect’s drawing of it.  It’s fun (for me) to look at the progress on our house next to the drawing of the completed house.  I can just visualize how it will be, and I’ve already planned where most of the furniture will go.  I love the fact that there’s a big porch on both the front and the back of the house.

It’s an exciting time, and I’m glad that I have the blog where I can keep a photographic record of the progress so far!

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  1. Lyn Says:

    Wow! Your house is really coming together quickly. I love to watch the progression!

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