My blog designer/technician updated my blog system a couple days ago.  So yesterday morning I started to write a new post, and I couldn’t get the “write post” part to work.  Everything else worked just fine.  I just couldn’t post anything.   I tried everything I could think of – KNOWING that it was most likely some little detail that I was overlooking. 

It was.  I always keep the “remember me” box checked so I don’t have to sign in and out from my home and school computer all the time.  Since the system had been updated, I needed to log in again.  I didn’t realize that.  So I messed with it all day yesterday  – from both home and school trying to figure out what on earth was wrong.

In one little flash of insight, I thought, “Maybe I should log out and then log in again.”  VOILA!   Natually, during the time that I couldn’t post, I thought of DOZENS of absolutely fascinating topics that I needed to write about – but couldn’t.

By that time I figured it out, I was exhausted with the whole thing.  So I went to bed and decided to deal with blogging today.  So here I am – and “write post” is working just fine.  YEA!  And those fascinating topics?  Can’t think of a single one right now. 

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One Response to “Back to normal – all systems “GO!””

  1. Joan Says:

    What is the “Murphy’s Law” that is at work here? Let’s see…. maybe…, that’s not exactly it. Oh well, anyway, that seems to be the way it goes.

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