Two nights ago our dog, Jake, reached an important milestone.  First the background: We got Jake in October at the age of 6 months.  A couple weeks ago, with some major “encouragement” from me, RT moved Jake from the floor right beside our bed to the bathroom floor a few feet away.  The few feet made a difference.  No longer was Jake’s constant movement, licking noises and scratching so sleep-inhibitingly loud.  However, the noises were still audible.  And RT was still getting up two or three times during the night to let Jake out.  So even though moving Jake to the bathroom helped, it didn’t end the problem of being awakened constantly throughout the night.

So two night ago, RT moved Jake’s dog bed and kennel to the other side of the house into the kitchen.  First night – Jake whined a little bit.  I told him to “hush!”  And he did. RT enjoys laughing at the way I tell Jake to hush – but as long as it works, he can laugh all he wants to.

The next night, Jake slept all night long.  At least we didn’t hear him if he awakened.  And we didn’t hear him if he decided to lick or scratch himself.  More importantly, RT and I were able to sleep all night long.  Blissful, restorative, calming sleep. 

As someone who had a year-long struggle with sleep-deprivation recently, I understand how important sleep is to a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.  So I am THRILLED that Jake is out of our bedroom finally and that all three of us are getting a good night’s sleep.   ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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