(1) I’m cold.

(2) I want a little bit of a tan.  Yes, I know it’s bad for me, but it looks so nice, and it feels so good to have the sun shining on me.  Pasty white skin is not very attractive.

(3) I like to watch the waves.

(4) I enjoy the sound of the ocean.  It is soothing and relaxing.

(5) It’s winter.  Did I mention that I’m cold? Snow is forecast for tonight . . . and tomorrow night.

(6) Walking along the beach is good exercise.  It doesn’t even feel like exercise.

(7) The sunset over the ocean is a spectacular sight.  I could take some great photographs.

(8) The feel of cool sand under my feet and between my toes is wonderful.

(9) The ocean breeze softly blowing through my hair feels good.

(10) Maybe I would find a beautiful shell.  And if I don’t, I can stop by one of the tourist shops and buy one and SAY I found it on the beach.  No one would know the difference.

(11) I haven’t been to a beach in several YEARS.  I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve been to a beach.

(12) A fresh seafood dinner – and/or lunch – would brighten my day.

(13) The warm air would feel good.  Did I mention that it’s COLD here in Tennessee right now?

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11 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen – 45th Edition – Why I Want To Go To A Beach”

  1. Joan Says:

    Clicking that Mr. Linky logo didn’t work for me. I enjoyed reading your TT.

    TMS: Thanks for letting me know. I just switched it back to the regular Mr. Linky thing. Now it should work. Thanks for stopping by, Joan!

  2. beth Says:

    It is FREEZING here (literally). They are telling us that we are going to have a major (for us) ice/snow storm tonight. AND YOU are talking about the BEACH! hrumpt! Man, my feet are cold )

  3. Miranda Says:

    Im game for the beach….it all sounds wonderful. Except for the seafood, yuck. lol.

    Happy TT!

  4. JHS Says:

    C’mon on out to dry California and we’ll hop in the car & head over to the beach. We’ll build a fire, roast marshmallows & watch the sun set. You’ll get great photos!

  5. Semper Fi Mom Says:

    It’s freezing here too with a cold weekend ahead. I wanna go to the beach…

  6. rashenbo Says:

    I’m in Minnesota… yeah, it’s cold. I would love a quick vacation to the beach right now! )

  7. jennfactor Says:

    Now I want a trip to the beach, too!
    Come and see us at Dorkbloggers!

  8. Michelle Says:

    Beaches are the best–it’s the most calming thing in the world for me to hear the waves washing on the shore.

  9. Barb Says:

    You make me want to pack up and go to the beach. I haven’t been in years. Good post.

    Check out my TT.

  10. Charlotte Says:

    I’m cold here too.. It’s snowing (lightly) not laying yet.

    Great list!

    Happy TT

  11. Jill Says:

    I totaly agree, accept for #11 and 12. I live 20 minutes from the ocean, and I don’t really like seafood!!
    I miss summer and the beach!!
    My tt are up

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