Today was another snow day.  This time there was some significant snow, and the roads were hazardous later into the morning than yesterday.  Wow!  Two snow days in a row.  It has been very nice!

This first picture was taken from the front porch.  This is when snow is prettiest, I think.  Not a heavy snow – just enough to blanket the leaves and the ground – looking  soft and white. 

One of the weather guys on TV this morning was out in the snow with a TWELVE-FOOT ruler measuring the snow.  His conclusion: we got ONE INCH of snow during the night.  Glad he had that 12-footer – just in case.  The funny thing is that he was so serious about measuring the snow.  Don’t you think you could just look at it and guess that it’s about an inch deep?

Another view from the front porch – looking out across the road to the farm on the other side.  Snow on the branches of the trees, and RT’s solitary set of tire tracks going down the driveway.  I don’t plan on leaving the house today.  Here it is, almost noon, and I still have on my jammies.  I built a fire in the fireplace, and it is too cozy inside to venture out.  I started dinner in the crock-pot a couple hours ago, and the house smells wonderful.

This view shows the pond in the front yard close to the road.  I liked the contrast of the dark tree trunks against the white snow.  Even though it’s a color photograph, it looks black and white.

And the best thing: Today is Friday.  I still have two more days before I have to go to work again.  YEA!

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