When a Texas man was attacked by a pit bull, he fought back – and won!

He was taking a walk in the neighborhood when he heard a dog barking.  He knew the dog was coming for him, and so he turned to face it.  It was a pit bull – he knew he was in trouble.

Here’s the story:

CONROE, Texas (Feb. 1) – A 65-year-old retired truck driver who was attacked by a vicious pit bulldog during a neighborhood walk choked the dog to death as he defended himself.

Von Pardue suffered bites on his arms and hands during the Wednesday attack, which occurred shortly after Pardue began his routine morning walk. Pardue was treated at a local hospital, and the dog’s owners could face misdemeanor charges, police said.

Pardue said he heard barking and readied himself when he realized the dog was coming for him.

“I turned to face him, and when I saw it was pit bull, I knew I was in trouble,” Pardue said. “I put my hands up and I hollered at him. He immediately jumped to my throat.”

Pardue shielded his body by grabbing the dog’s head and ears, but the dog shook loose and started biting his right hand. Pardue kneed the dog in the ribs, spurring it to let go of his hand, and then grabbed the dog by its thick collar.

Pardue said he then dragged the dog to his house while maintaining a firm grip on its neck. His wife called police from the house. When the police arrived, Pardue was on the ground with the dog and still holding onto the collar.

Police said Pardue’s grip was so tight that he strangled the dog. Pardue said he didn’t know the dog was dead until it was unresponsive when police tried to move it.

Emergency medics washed Pardue’s bites and he received a tetanus shot and an antibiotic at the hospital, he said.

“If not for the collar, I don’t know how I would have ever been able to wrestle him down,” said Pardue, who weighs 200 pounds. “The dog was about 80 pounds and very vicious. It was hard to believe the viciousness in which he attacked me, but I was able to contain him.”

Sgt. Mike Tindall, a Conroe police spokesman, said the dog’s owners hadn’t been charged Wednesday, but they could face misdemeanor charges for having a dog at large or for having a dangerous dog.

Tindall said the male dog was picked up by animal control officers in December for running at large. It was given a rabies vaccination and released back to the owner, he said.

The City Council in Conroe, which is located 40 miles north of Houston, is set to vote next week on a proposed dangerous dog ordinance that would require such dogs to be kept in a secure enclosure. The law might have prevented Wednesday’s attack, Tindall said.

Thanks to Pardue, that’s one less pit bull in the world.  I really don’t understand why people are allowed to breed such dogs.  There are too many reports of people being attacked by pit bulls.

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6 Responses to “Attacked by a pit bull, this man fights back . . . and wins!”

  1. Loop Says:

    Good for him! I found this article while searching for tips on how to successfully fight a dog. There have been several dog attacks in my neighborhood lately that left people seriously injured. I am not about to stop taking my little boy outside just because irresponsible people do not contain their animals. I will f**k a dog up, if it comes down to it.

    TMS: Sorry – I had to edit your comment a tad to keep it acceptable to my family-oriented readers. Although, really, when you add a couple of asterisks, everyone still know what the word is – I’m not sure that changes anything. Thanks for commenting, though. People who don’t contain their pets really irk me.

  2. bitbypit Says:

    Good for him! Good for you for blogging about the senselssness of owning this breed. Our communities ought to be free of them!

  3. hogdoggintexas Says:

    pits are not the prob its stupid ppl that get them just to look cool.

  4. Rick Says:

    Pit bulls and owners are the problem. I aim to start grass roots efforts to outlaw pit bulls enitrely. I do not see why one person be it a young child, an eldery person, a relative or any stranger should lose thier life to a dog. This breed is a notorious killer.

  5. Jessica Martinez Says:

    I am tired of people blaming those kind of attacks on the poor pitbulls. I blame it all on the owner..who leaves a dog that size with out a leash.They are dogs just like any other. They need love and care just like any other dog, it’s the empty minded owners with the mentality of “look at me I’m cool, I have a tough pitbull”. I know a few idiots that get pitbulls and keep them in cages and train them to fight and to be agressive. If you treat any dog like that they will be agressive. I’ve had pitbulls since I was little and currently have a 4 week old pit. They were always kept on a leash and never turned on me or were agressive to anyone. They are smart loving animals that are easily trained. I treat my dog with love and respect, unfortunetly not everyone that own pitbulls have that kind of mentality. Chiuauha’s can be agressive and so can some German shepards.. shouldn’t they be banned too? We should be heavily punishing the owners that don’t know how to raise these poor animals. They are probably being mistreated and they have anger build up inside of them. You would be agressive too If you are left in a cage and beaten and didn’t anyone showing you any kind of love or respect just to toughen up wouldn’t you be anger? Let’s open our eyes here people and not be so ignorant. Anyone who says it’s “senseless” to own a pitbull is just as ignorant as can be. It IS sensless to raise a dog to be vicious, it is not the dogs fault. Think outside the box, don’t just judge a book by it’s cover. Pitbulls have the same strength in Jaw as any other dogs it’s size, the only advantage they have is thier look and they can indure pain better than most dogs thier size.

  6. Ash Says:

    I operate with these dogs and as far as animal behavior goes, I am a strong believer in nurture and coaching. I have met Jack Russell Terriers that I wouldn’t go in close proximity to once again, but have for no reason had a bad expertise with an American Staffordshire Terrier. If you are talking about their owners- well, that’s a distinct story. Human beings are creatures as nicely, and we have a tendency to every have our unique tips about “moral concepts”.

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