I knew it! A recent Consumer Reports study described Starbuck’s coffee as “strong, but burnt and bitter.”  For me, despite Starbucks supposedly large donations to leftist causes, I do visit there occasionally.  However, I can’t stomach their coffee.  No amount of cream and sugar can make it palatable to me.  It’s too strong and too bitter – even the milder blends.  So instead of coffee, I order drinks like “white chocolate mochas” or “vanilla lattes.”   In the summer I adore their “mocha frappuchinos.”  It’s ridiculously expensive, though.  So I don’t indulge very often.

And however good McDonalds coffee is, I just don’t go by McDonalds very often – and almost never for breakfast.  So I have no idea whether or not I like their coffee.  McDonalds is McDonalds.  It might not be top cuisine, but it is dependable for one area of the country to the other.  The Quarter Pounder you get in Tennessee will be like the Quarter Pounder you get in Alaska.  And I’m sure the coffee is the same way.  They have a specific way of brewing the coffee – and a specific type of coffee – and it is made the same way in every McDonalds.

Here’s what the report concluded:

After sampling four leading brewed coffees for its March issue, the magazine said McDonald’s premium roast coffee bested competing cups from Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, the world’s largest specialty coffee retailer.

The tastings were led by a professional tester, and included staffers from Consumer Reports’ food-testing division, spokeswoman Heather Joy Thompson said.

The group tasted medium cups of coffee – no cream or sugar – at two locations from each company in November. They rated McDonald’s premium brand the best, calling it “decent and moderately strong” although lacking “subtle top notes.”

Others didn’t fare so well. Dunkin Donuts’ coffee was deemed “inoffensive, but it had no oomph.” Starbucks was labeled “strong, but burnt and bitter.” Burger King’s offering resembled coffee, “but tasted more like hot water,” the magazine said.

My favorite is still my Keurig one-cup-at-a-time coffee maker that I use to make my two-cup serving of coffee every morning. It really doesn’t get any better than that.  I brew two cups from one Green Mountain Breakfast blend K-cup, add ridiculously large amounts of Splenda and non-fat creamer, and then relish every single sip.  Neither McDonalds nor Starbucks can come anywhere close to matching that taste.

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4 Responses to “McDonald’s coffee wins against Starbucks”

  1. agent bedhead Says:

    Oh yes, but does McDonald’s have the “atmosphere” of a Starbucks?


  2. Ruth Says:

    I have not had (and do not care to have) Starbucks coffee. I am sure they will not miss my business nor disinterest in their overpriced product. I am not an avid coffee drinker any more (my advise is to drink 8 glasses of water daily and avoid caffene) but Charles and i used to stop and McDonalds for coffee and it is the best coffeee made.
    I love reading all the Median Sib posts. In fact I love the Median Sib.

    TMS: And I love you, too, Mother! -)

  3. C.Siemreap Says:

    I am not a coffee drinker but I go to these coffee shops often with my friends (I usually have hot chocolate or fruit juice). Among them I think Starbucks coffee is overpriced.

  4. Kate Says:

    McDonald’s mocha really isn’t all that bad, but it costs way too much considering that it’s from McDonald’s.

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